The doctor, the patient and time

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The beginning of this publication marked the brochure "the Doctor, the patient and time" (1970). Largely supplemented, and essentially re-written, it formed the basis of this Book, published three times in Russian and Estonian, Lithuanian, English and German.
After the release of this work, in the light I received a lot of letters from readers - people of different professions and ages, patients, physicians and researchers. Has not been silent on these publications and the press.
It is natural that the authors of the letters and reviews not in all shared my thoughts and opinions. However, in General, said publication met a friendly attitude. Many readers have suggested to develop separate sections, deeper to touch on a number of issues. For all the comments and advice bring my sincere gratitude.
Taking into account the accumulated facts and their generalizations, these suggestions have been largely taken into account. There are new chapters, the rest revised and expanded. Additions and changes made in this fourth edition.
I consider it my duty to bring here a tribute of deep respect to those personal example which largely contributed to my work on affected in this book challenges.
I mean the now-deceased members of the Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR NV. S. Molchanov, B. E. Votchal and Professor M. I. of Mastbaum.
The author of the Foreword to the booklet "the Doctor, the patient, and the time," N. S. Molchanov was not only the true physician and scientist, but also a man with great charm, great integrity and rare emotional generosity. It is difficult to overestimate the impact that had on the minds of doctors of my generation, a prominent physician, a man of fine mind and encyclopedic erudition B. E. Votchal. I was fortunate for many years close to know Nikolay Semenovich and of Boris Paton. They, like my first postinstitutional teacher honored doctor of the Estonian SSR Mikhail Ilyich Mastbaum, bright representative of Kazan school of physicians and worker P. A. Luria, in many ways I owe a deep belief that the study of moral and psychological issues medicine is no less important than the prevention of diseases, the ability to diagnose and treat patients. Moreover, over the years, now is the belief that everything is interconnected.
The problem of relations between the patient and the doctor is as old as the disease. It is equally concerned about and doctors, and those who seek medical help. It is natural: it is decisive effect; treatment.
Change of the epoch, people, illness, change and relationships between doctor and patient. Therefore lives problem. Only in Russian about it over the last decade, more than two thousand works.
In 1967 in Paris held the second international Congress on medical ethics. In 1970, the same issues were discussed Symposium of X International Congress for therapists in Warsaw and the international Congress of historians of medicine in Bucharest. In 1973, ethical and deontological questions of medicine in the conditions of scientific-technical revolution were discussed special Symposium of the XV International Congress of philosophy in Varna, in 1974 - the XVIII International Congress of applied psychology in Montreal, 1976 - the IV Congress of therapeutists the USSR in Leningrad. In 1977 in Moscow hosted the Second all-Union conference on problems of medical deontology. Finally, in 1983-Academy of medical Sciences of the USSR carried out scientific-methodological conference on ethical and deontological questions of modern medicine.
Various aspects of relations between the doctor and the patient are affected in many published for the last years works with different factual material and the approach to it.