Doctor of KOs

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In ancient Greece and Rome gave the world the great scientists, including the great doctors.
They first began to study the anatomy of the human body.
They belong to another merit. Putting before itself the same question - where are the disease? they first tried to answer him, without looking at Pandora's box.
Who is this Pandora and her box? Have to go to the Greek mythology.
The mighty Titan Prometheus stole fire from the sky and give it to the people. Angry Zeus and decided to punish titanium and all mankind. Land and water shaped woman, and called her - Pandora. She was as beautiful as the goddess, but cunning, clever and curious. The gods gave her brother of Prometheus - Epimetheus.
In the house of Epimetheus was vessel (later he became called Pandora's box). No one dared to peek under his heavy cover: knew not then avoid trouble, though he did not know what it is. But Pandora is not for nothing did curious. Secretly she opened the jar and took off from him the myriad of disasters and disease, and was filled with them the land. Inaudible steps quietly sneak disease in a person's home, because it deprived them of Zeus speechless.
For a long time people were satisfied with this legend. But changed their lives, grew practical questions. Appeared thinkers who have put aside Pandora's box, tried to think differently than them has prescribed religious the establishment.
In medicine that time the brightest figure was Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician.
He was born in 459 year B.C. on the island of KOs, where stood one of the oldest temples in honor of God Asclepius. You can say that the time has favored Hippocrates. Contemporaries of the famous doctor were no less famous philosophers materialists Anaxagoras and Democritus, an outstanding sculptor Phidias, glorified in marble beauty of a healthy body, playwrights Sophocles and Euripides, whose works are on our stage, historians Herodotus and Thucydides, in their works we present the life of the ancient world.
The life and activity of Hippocrates coincided with the period in the history of his country, which Karl Marx called the highest domestic Prime of Greece.
The V century B.C. the art of medicine Greeks managed to get out from under the immediate care of a religious cult. Conduct and priests began to be divided.
It was a long and complicated process, but to the development of medical science extremely beneficial. The priest-doctor gave way just a doctor. The experience of healing, the ability to recognize the disease according to the features of the beneficial properties of drugs - all these were passed on from father to father, to father to son. In this way were preserved and multiplied knowledge that make up the mystery of the kind.
Hippocrates was no exception. He belonged to the seventeenth generation of doctors of the medical school of the island. The first teacher of Hippocrates was his father. According to custom, he was a child acquainted son the secrets of his future profession. The father of Hippocrates, Heraclides, were successfully engaged in medical practice, but the son by the age of twenty gained such popularity that it dared to compare themselves with God Asclepius.
Hippocrates paid tribute to the ancient tradition - was initiated in the priests. Only after this ceremony he could go to Egypt, where the secrets of the famous at the time, medicine was made only "their".
The high priests were friendly met inquisitive stranger. Hippocrates learned from them a lot, but much he decided to change. He saw the Egyptian priests kept secrets from outsiders, and decided that caste mystery disastrous for the development of medicine.