The price of medical errors

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 ... Who feels the power to do 
 better, he is not afraid 
 before admitting his mistakes. 
 So Billroth

Patient S. was relatively young. His sickness is severe. Like most people, deep down With. wanted to believe the best, but sometimes it seemed that he appreciates all, as the old men, the ratio lived and rest. However, it is clear: the disease of the age of thought and perception of life.
Suddenly the question:
- You like Selvinsky?
- Like.
- He has a poem "the Man died" ...
"I know this poem, but I think that despite the name, it's calling to life,
- You are right, but is there and these lines:
          "Every life,
what to eat, -
This world is lost

Don't know if there is a disease, promoting optimism... Selvinsky writes about feelings by which we sometimes go through that bring meaning to life, the severity, poetry. You would think it strange, but that during sick and I began much to see different...
C. as an afterthought talking to himself.
- ... The smell of hay, falling snowflakes, the rustle of leaves ... Who of us in our daily rush draws attention to it? Everything is so simple, prose... And when you're sick, you dream about it as suffering from thirst is about water.
- I understand you perfectly, went through it and probably many. But you know the saying: "don't die as long as I live". And you live!
- I agree. But don't you think, doctor, that is what I call "difficult" patients affected my not very successful first meetings with doctors? I don't want to talk about carelessness, but simply an error. They have doctors there. They say, even inevitable. After all, it seems that the doctor Flies said that medicine is the history of human error?
S. was convinced that doctors "looked" his illness.
Medical error and responsibility of the doctor...
Much has been written about it. Even more said.
This question is rooted in antiquity - it is as old as the medicine.
During the Babylonian king Hammurabi (almost two thousand years before our era) for the death of the patient the doctor had cut off a hand, cut out the tongue, gouged out his eyes, and so on, the Russian Chronicles tell about how the doctor Prince Karakusa, after the death of the latter, by the order of Grand Prince Ivan III was kept on the Moscow river under the bridge in winter and stabbed to death like sheep".
There were attempts and peculiar to prevent errors. So, the doctor is a foreigner coming to Russia in XVI-XVII centuries, was first of all to practice in the border city and someone to cure. One of the Scottish kings were required before work at home physicians 20 years practiced abroad, and given the inevitability of mistakes, preferably in a hostile countries.
Since that time the concept of the physician's responsibility for his actions, in accordance with the development of philosophical and legal views, were constantly changed.
In the Soviet Union actions doctors governed by the laws of our state. The whole system of the Soviet health, in particular the mandatory autopsy of the dead in hospitals, the activities of the forensic medical examination, discussion of quality of care at scientific conferences and others, is to improve the level of diagnostics and treatment, to reduce the frequency of medical errors.