The enemies of God

In 436 year in Carthage passed Church Cathedral. One of its decisions directly concerned works of ancient philosophers and physicians. The Church was forbidden to read books pagans, including the rich and medical literature. She declared magic, sorcery, displeasing to God and medicines, and a hydropathic procedure, by which the Greeks, Romans and Slavs also true attached great importance.
Several centuries have passed, and again the Church Cathedral, this time in Paris, reiterated the prohibition of means and methods of treatment of the whole preceding medicine. In 1179 year for doctors-sorcerers, breaking it introduced the death penalty at the stake. "Regulations pagan medicine contradict heavenly knowledge, vigil and prayer", - explained the priests.
If contrary, you do need to listen to what advised by the doctor? A doctor and a priest were competitors at the bedside. And we must admit that the middle ages gave more rights to the servant of God, than to the Minister of Asclepios.
In the XIII century Church Cathedral, held in Lateran, forbade doctors to give out the medicine without the advice of a priest. And if the doctor unsuccessfully visited his patient is already twice the next time he was obliged to bring a spiritual person, so that religious means to have had a more effective assistance to the patient's soul and gave great strength medications. If within three days the patient is not confess before your spiritual father, the doctor is obliged to stop their treatment under the penalty of deprivation of practice or expulsion from the place of service. And the doctors took an oath that they undertake to comply with the injunction of the Holy Church.
A famous preacher of Christianity and the protector of their interests John Chrysostom, called such for eloquence, he instructed his flock: "Lying in bed, you should thank God. That is why we Christians are called to be obedient to Christ and not to go to the enemies of God. The magicians and sorcerers - the enemies of God. It is better to die than to go to the enemies of God." And cited an example of the much-suffering job that was mentioned on the pages of the Bible. This man stoically endured all the diseases that had brought upon him the most high, in its discretion, but for thirty-eight years of disease job no one, except God, did not seek healing.
Who were they, these enemies, the magicians and sorcerers? First of all healers, Lecce, everyone who was related to medical knowledge and practice.
Having come to Russia, Christianity brought his hostile attitude towards traditional medicine and here. In XII-XIII centuries priests on the confessions, where he was supposed to speak the truth spiritual person, certainly asked the believers such questions as: "In the forest on the grass and roots did not go if thou? Didn't go to the doctor or to the Magi, or to his lead? You know the magic and enchantment?"
Famous Nestor the chronicler, a Minister of the Kievo-Pechersk monastery, in the beginning of XII century was recorded in one of manuscripts: "Every disease and Saka IDE (illness) of otgonka is the strength of the Lord". Water from a sacred caves of the well was considered to be therapeutic, for the nobility in addition there was a special tool: root patient is laid on the grave of the Saint Theodosius, the founder of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery.
...Not so long ago, at the end of the last century, in St. Petersburg, in the shop Moyer that was on Gorokhovaya street, between Stone and Red bridges, in the house of tal № 20, including books of spiritual and moral content the fifth edition was published the brochure "the Priest in the hospital."
Seven hundred years share XII and XIX century, and what years, but they did not add anything new to the teachings of the author of the pamphlet. "The most skilled physician and better drugs without the blessing of God and nothing will help", - speaks it with the patient. "God in his great mercy has sent to you of the disease, to remind you about them and get to pray for forgiveness of sins through Christ the Savior", as it is similar to the reasoning of St. John Chrysostom on the need-to thank bra that sent the disease!
In short, rejoice that you are sick!