Bleeding time

Bleeding time (sample Duke) - the duration of bleeding at the injection. For the sample with a needle Frank with interchangeable blades or special disposable lancets (if not, then the needle from the syringe) produce an injection of a fingertip at a depth of 4 mm, then every 10-30 seconds. filter paper, not touching the sores, take a drop of blood; a lead from the first drops to stop the bleeding. In norm the bleeding stops in 1.5 - 2 minutes the Sample reflects the process stop capillary bleeding, in which the main role played by platelets that form the so-called provisional thrombus. In addition, from blood platelets is allocated serotonin, causing a reduction in the capillary walls. The test results do not always accurately reflect the state of blood coagulation. So, when trombozitopatia bleeding time is usually dramatically lengthened, and the blood clotting time is normal; with hemophilia, gipoprotrombinemii the blood clotting time was lengthened, and bleeding time is often normal. More clearly violations of bleeding are diagnosed by squeezing or stretching the edges of the wound after the bleeding stopped: in normal bleeding briefly resumed, and at the thrombocytopenia resumes with the same intensity and long term (2-3 minutes or more).