Congenital obliteration of the urethra

Congenital obliteration of the urethra occurs mainly in bolotnoe part or in the field scaphoid fossa. Already in the fetal life develops sudden stretching of the bladder, ureter and renal pelvis and atrophy of the renal parenchyma. If the child is born alive, then you first should be given urine imposing suprapubic mahaputera fistula. If the operation could not be performed immediately, as a temporary measure to resort to puncture the bubble. But suprapubic fistula should apply as soon as possible to further through plastic surgery can restore normal urination.
Sometimes you have to help a newborn whose outer hole in the urethra closed due bonding and his Union with the foreskin.
When trying to urinate region external opening of the urethra is blown up, the walls of the stomach bulging crowded bladder. To eliminate delays urine in such cases is quite sufficient incision closing film or puncture it with trocar, a needle.