Lice - parasitizing on human lice. There are lice scalp, skin, body and pubic lice.
Lice scalp causes head louse. Lice attach your testicles (nits) to the base of the hair substance containing chitin (mainly in the occipital and temporal areas). The lice bites accompanied by itching, raising the scratching and developed pyoderma (see). In advanced cases (currently almost never occur) hair glued purulent discharge and produced the song. Treatment: compresses - kerosene mixed with vegetable oil for 2-3 nights in a row, shampoo and soap. To remove the nits hair comb, moistening them warm vinegar. To remove excessive cortical layers with weeping eczema put a bandage with 2% salicylic ointment and treat the balm of shestakovskoe (Vinylinum) with vegetable oil. It is recommended to cut my hair short. All cases impetiginoznoy eczema, occipital region should be examined for lice.
The lousiness of the skin the body causes a louse, who lives and lays nits in the folds of the clothing. On the site of the bite, mainly on the skin of the neck, back, waist, formed small cone-shaped papules, the skin becomes dry, coarsens, thickens, pigmentnaya; the infection itches developed pyoderma. Treatment: body wash with hot water and soap, disinsection underwear, dresses, bedding, rubbing the skin 1% menthol alcohol.
Pubic lice causes the louse (pubic louse). Infection occurs mainly through sexual contact. Pubic louse lays nits at the base of the hair itself is attached proboscis advanced close to the Ostia hair follicles usually on the skin of the pubis, abdomen, thighs, sometimes in the armpits, as well as in the field of a beard, mustache and eyebrows. On the bites of plasic roundish bluish-gray spots with diameter from 0.3 to 1.0 cm from exposure to saliva parasite on the hemoglobin of the blood of the host.
Treatment: washing with hot water and soap, shaving of the hair under the armpits and on the crotch, rubbing in the affected areas to 10% of white or grey mercury ointment. In case of occurrence of side effects (dermatitis) mercury medication overturned.
Prevention pediculosis - health education, preventive examinations and energetic struggle with lice in case of its occurrence; observance of rules of personal hygiene. To avoid close contact with sick lice.