Vulva is the external reproductive organs of women. To the vulva include pubis, large and small labia, clitoris (see), the eve of the vagina, Bartolini glands, external opening of the urinary tract (Fig). External genitals and crotch women: 1 - pubis; 2 - front spike labia; 3 - clitoris; 4 - low sexual lip; 5 - hymen; 6 - rear spike labia; 7 - seam perineum; 8 - penis hole; 9 - most sexual lip; 10 - the outer opening of the urinary tract; 11 - lore of the clitoris.
Lobok - rise, located above the pubic joint. His skin is covered with hair, subcutaneous fat layer developed strongly.
Down pubis enters large labia - two folds of skin that are rich in fatty tissue, blood and lymph vessels. At the base of the labia majora are small labia as two longitudinal folds. In the thickness of the labia majora founded big iron gates (bartolina iron), duct which opens on the eve of the vagina - narrow space between small sex lips and virgin plaboy. The blood supply of the vulva comes from external and internal private parts of the arteries, blood is removed through the veins of the same name, lymph mostly regards to lymph nodes in the groin area.


Vulvit - inflammation of the vulva - as primary process is rare, often combined with colpitis (see).
Inflammation of Bartholin glands - see we have to stop spreading.
Chronic ulcer of the vulva (estimen) in appearance may be similar to tuberculosis or syphilis ulcer. Is rare, most often localized around the openings of the urethra, or in scaphoid hole, and spread to the vagina (Fig. 6). A long, heavy. Sometimes complicated by the formation of fistulas of the bladder or rectum. Treatment - antibiotics (local), toilet ulcerous surface. Patients with suspected estimen sent to a doctor.
Damage vulva occur most often after delivery, less trauma (stroke, falling on a blunt object). Development hematoma at the vulva is accompanied by the feeling of pain, stress, difficulty walking. Treatment is usually conservative - bed. Opening hematoma shown when it is festering.
Tumors of the vulva divided into benign (fibroma, fibroids, papilloma) and malignant (cancer, sarcoma, melanoma).
Fibroma vulva - dense tumor in thin or wide leg. Is located in the thickness of the labia majora or on the surface of them. Myoma - less dense tumor than fibroma.
Papilloma vulva - education finely - or krupnopanelnogo structure soft consistency, covered with intact skin. When malignancy papilloma is a dense and ulcerated.
Treatment of benign tumors is operational.
Cancer of the vulva (Fig. 7) is more common in old age. Dynamic observation of patients with precancerous diseases (see Leukoplakia, Kouros vulva) is the event for timely identification of vulvar cancer. The initial cancer symptoms: itching, sometimes a burning sensation of the vulva. Late - pain, bleeding, purulent discharge, difficulty urinating. Vulvar cancer at first may seem like a dense, rapidly increasing the knot, covered with intact skin, or as thickening and brutalization lakopenicescoe plaques, or as the sealing of cracks, scratches and excoriation when course. Growth is a plague with black edges and necrotic bottom.
Sarcoma of the vulva is very rare. The diagnosis is established by histological examination.
Melanoma of the vulva is an extremely malignant tumor black. Suspected melanoma biopsy is contraindicated.
Treatment of malignant tumors depending on the stage of distribution of surgery, radiotherapy, and combined effectively in the early stages and ineffective in late.