VOLVIC and the vestibulitis

Multi-layer flat epithelium of the skin of the external genitals and the mucous membrane of the vestibule of the vagina adult women rarely is a place of introduction of gonococci. However, when gonococcal the defeat of the urethra and cervix is necessary to observe extensive inflammatory congestion in this area, caused by irritation of secretions resulting from the vagina and the urethra. Thus, when gonorrhea in adult women vulva (skin inflammation of external genitals) and vestibulitis (inflammation of mucous membranes of the vestibule of the vagina) should be considered as a secondary phenomenon, conditioned not by the adoption of here gonokokkov, and irritation caused flowing down secretions. Completely different is the situation with infection glandular moves and gaps vestibule, covered partly cylindrical, partly transitional epithelium. Due to their proximity to the urethra they are very often the place for settling gonococci. In the same way are infected and the so-called parauretral moves, known under the name of lacunae in Schenna.

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