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The formation of a harmoniously developed, spiritually rich personality, the creation of the necessary conditions for the most complete disclosure of abilities, talents and the talents of people in the public interest is one of the most important tasks of the Soviet society, which was mentioned in the new edition of the Program of the Communist party of the Soviet Union.
In the period of developed socialism, when everything is fully disclosed the creative forces of the socialist system, the advantages of the Soviet way of life, an essential requirement is compliance with Communist morality, reducing harmful remnants and first of all with such an ugly phenomenon of drunkenness and alcoholism.
The harm done by alcohol, great. Faberge company, Erisman wrote that it is difficult or impossible to grasp the imagination that mass disasters, which causes a mankind alcohol consumption. Absenteeism, loss of ability to work, occupational injury occurring in alcoholics 35 times more likely than nondrinkers, a traffic accident put the national economy considerable economic damage amounts to tens of billions of rubles. Economists estimate, even among moderate drinkers productivity by 4-5% lower than nondrinkers, and after excessive use of alcohol by 15-30%.
Alcoholism and binge drinking are the cause of many offences, as most anti-social actions committed in state of alcoholic intoxication. So, more than 90% of persons convicted of hooliganism, at the time of the offence were drunk.
There are two concepts - "drunkenness and alcoholism", which are qualitatively different state. Under the binge drinking means drinking alcoholic beverages according to the tradition. This saves the social adaptation and employment skills, no painful craving for alcohol, as well as the need to increase consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholism, in contrast, is defined morbid attraction to alcohol, loss of social ties, work skills, monitoring adopted by the amount of alcohol with a gradual increase in doses of alcohol consumption drinks. Alcoholism is a disease, a necessary consequence of everyday hard drinking, which resulted in developing pathological changes in the body from lung dysfunctional to heavy somatoneurologic disorders, accompanied by the degradation of personality.
Binge drinking affects the person's character - he becomes selfish, lying aggressive, positive traits are offset change of affection and interest. The main purpose is the search of alcoholic beverages, which uses any means.
Alcohol abuse kills the most expensive in man - his mind. Parental alcoholism adversely affects their offspring, causing mental illness born children, their inferiority. In Belarus every sixth of newborns has deviations in mental and physical development for this reason. In the words of L. N. Tolstoy, wine destroys bodily health, mental abilities, family welfare and that only worse, destroys the soul of the people and their posterity.