"The praise of old age" is the name of this section. Why praise of the period of human life, which is its final stage and has no future? After all, it is accepted that "the future belongs to young people". But the future of young people is old age. Those generations of people, which is now praised for youth with all its aspirations and achievements, sooner or later will enter the period of old age.
We do not live in that era, when the poet could write: "the Good die young..." No, the older generation has made the greatest revolution in human history, revolution, aimed primarily at improving and extending human life. And naturally, everyone wants to live longer possible, because he lives only once, and because there is nothing more beautiful life.
We say that "communism is the youth of the world and to erect young." But isn't communism builds only one youth? By the time of communism all generations who started and continued to build it, will have the generations of old people.
If they wanted in their youth to build communism, is it not natural that they would want to live with him in his old age?
The life of people increases. But to understand what life really is extended, and therefore extends the period of youth, it is necessary to see the problem as a whole, it is necessary to define the place and the proportion of people of each age in the population of the globe, it is necessary to observe how changing this ratio. These changes must be judged not on individual cases, not on the basis that one died very young, and the other old. You have to see all of the people in the world and the totality of the population of each country. Only then you can follow the evolution of a human life.
Is growing every year the absolute number and the proportion in the population of people aged 60 years and over. Think about it - after all it is, perhaps, the greatest achievement of human progress. For it - and the lengthening of life can be achieved only in case of improvement of its conditions - are we Communists fought for it all progressive people in the history of mankind. To live better and live longer - that's what their purpose was.
The life of prehistoric man in the unconquered and terrible world for him daily and hourly struggle was estimated on average 15-20 years. And now the life expectancy in highly developed countries is calculated 70-72 years and never ceases to lengthen.
It is generally not appropriate to praise old age. It is considered the period of the extinction of human life, the weakening of all functions of his body, even the psychic. Here we will show you all the unfaithfulness of such views - and show the facts. In relation to old-age rooted huge amount of prejudice. This is because the problem of old age have had in the past very different social value than now. It arose as a result of economic and cultural development of mankind. We should not forget about one thing: old age is a period, and then the final, human life. This is the period of the end of his life, all his achievements and accomplishments. But also, as we will show further, it is the period of most intense, the most Mature and wise creativity. Old age is the period when the knowledge and experience acquired during life, reaches its maximum. Feat praise not before he lift or when preparing for its achievement, and after its completion. And many people all life is a heroic deed. Writer, artist, scientist, artist, architect, and thousands of other professionals start to appreciate when they already have done in your life part or all of their plans.

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