Concern about the Soviet person, for the preservation and strengthening of health, increase life expectancy in our country is one of the main state problems since the first days of occurrence of the Soviet power.
Government approach to health Soviet man and defines the basic fundamental orientation of the Soviet physical culture and sports, which is that they serve primarily to strengthening of health. Growing sport achievements in our country are not ends in themselves, but are a measure of mass development of physical culture in the country, improvement of the health status of the Soviet people.
The main task of the physical culture and sports, therefore, is to preserve, strengthen and improve the health and increase the life expectancy of the population of our country. This is determined by the Program of the CPSU, reflected in many documents, the decisions of the party and Soviet bodies.
Caring about the health of a Soviet man, his physical perfection, the Communist party and the Soviet government pay great attention to the development of physical culture and sport - active tool, contributing to the comprehensive development of man, save for many years, strong health, ready for productive work and the defence of the Motherland. These high goals is used in our new complex "Ready for labor and defense of the USSR".
In the guidelines for the five-year development plan of national economy of the USSR in 1971-1975 years XXIV Congress of the CPSU among the most important measures to improve living standards of people pointed to the need to implement measures for the further improvement of health, development of physical culture and sport, in particular to improve the conditions for doing the broad masses of the workers of physical culture and sports.
Wellness orientation of the Soviet system of physical education and defines the obligation of medical control over physical culture and sports, the close relationship of the physical culture and sports medicine. It is impossible to be a good athlete, and especially good teacher of physical training, coach, not being in cooperation with medical science and its representative - a doctor.
Without medical supervision athlete cannot grow and improve, without the doctor, without medical science can also develop the science of sport, and hence the sport itself. Therefore medical observation of health exercise, the analysis of changes of state of health, physical development, and so on, which are the essence of medical control, included in the General system of physical education in the USSR as its integral part.
The necessity of close friendly work a doctor and a teacher, coach requires a certain medical knowledge, a sufficiently high level of medical culture, which is a part of General culture. Only under this condition, you can save and strengthen their health and help others in this. Namely this is the task before the coach and teacher.
Coach and a teacher must have a clear understanding of medical science, a clear understanding of its goals in sport, to know the ways and opportunities available to the doctor at the solution of these tasks. Only then will they be able to properly understand the essence and importance of doctor's recommendations, rationally to implement them and to work always in contact with the doctor, without which the work of a coach and a teacher is likely to harm the health.
A certain level of medical knowledge, which will receive future teacher and coach, having learned the rate set forth in this tutorial, is not less important than the knowledge of his basic specialty. This course includes sports medicine (fundamentals of General and special pathology and medical supervision), medical physical culture and sports massage.