The introduction of other food products

In the first 6 months of life baby breast milk and baby formula with low allergenic properties completely satisfy the needs of his body; most children with this feeding grow normally. After 6 months, you can type in the diet of other products. It is best to start with rice, barley and stained kas, then enter juices, fruits and vegetables, hereinafter - the Connemara lamb and beef. Eggs, fish, cow's milk and dairy products, it is better not to include in the diet up to 9-12 months.
New foods should be added to the diet gradually, not more than one product per week. This method makes it easy to identify the one that is causing the child adverse reactions. When added to the diet of cow's milk should be used only boiled (for 10 minutes) or concentrated, i.e. after heat treatment. Children under 1 year is not recommended to feed boiled gomogenizirovannykh pasteurized milk.