Flaccid paresis, and paralysis

Flaccid paresis, and paralysis is characterized by a deeper functional disorders of the locomotor system than spastic. Passive movements are carried out freely, without spastic voltage limbs, muscle tone sharply reduced, flabby muscles, joints loose. In connection with deeper impaired trophic all therapeutic measures should be aimed at stimulation neuromuscular pulses and improving nutrition of tissues paretic limbs. When performing passive exercises use the support function of a limb (for example, when hanging the foot of the patient performs back flexion of the foot on the reference box, for plantar flexion removes the leg from the support). To restore the reference function feet are standing on all fours and polychlorine, beginning with the assistance, then independently; gradually the patient learns to move paralysed leg compensatory, at the expense of the body, standing on the ground, and then performs a creeping and exercises in standing on my knees. A number of exercises performed in orthopedic devices, the splint and other devices (depending on the nature of the lesion).
With flaccid paralysis is a deep massage (kneading, pressing, effleurage, vibration), which promotes active nerve impulse, impact directly on the skin, peripheral nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, improves the trophic processes, promotes development of impellent functions of paretic muscles. The most efficient couple's massage.
When flaccid paresis or paralysis very useful medical gymnastics in the water in the pool, a warm bath, hand, or foot baths (in case of peripheral nerves).
When flaccid and spastic paralysis as the movements in the process of rehabilitation treatment of patients are taught life skills training: to include electricity, buttoning, turn the key, etc., so that, in the offices of medical physical culture should be tables with fixed them "work stands". Widely used modeling (from clay or plasticine), and occupational therapy.
When flaccid and spastic paralysis of therapeutic gymnastics is combined with the stimulation of muscles, physiotherapy and health resort treatment.