Bulging, loss of brain

Bulging, loss of brain occurs through a defect of the meninges and the bones of the skull after penetrating injuries, gunshot wounds to the skull and brain or operations on the brain. Develops as a result of increased intracranial pressure, edema-swelling of the brain, with the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid or blood, infectious processes, tumors of the brain. There are primary, early and late bulging and loss of the brain.
The primary loss of brain observed in firearms and chopped wounds skull due to hydrodynamic action offensive of the projectile. Loose part of the brain can completely destroy and rejected. Wibehouse area of the brain is usually saves your picture has a grayish-pink or bluish-grey (stagnation) color. Early drop - in 3 - 5 Days after the injury develops due to General or local swelling of the brain. Rolled section of the brain is associated with the deeper underlying divisions that are displaced towards the defect in the skull.
Treatment of these species bulging brain aimed at reducing intracranial pressure, the elimination of edema-swelling of the brain, the prevention of infection. Loose part of the brain must be carefully protected against possible re-injuries (aseptic bandage, the imposition of cotton-gauze "doughnut hole)). Is dehydration therapy (novoryt - but 1 ml intramuscularly within 3-6 days; urea - 30% solution intravenous drip method at the rate of 1 g of urea per 1 kg of weight; glycerin through the mouth - 1 g per 1 kg of weight; hypertonic solutions of glucose intravenously for 60-80 ml, magnesium sulphate 25% solution 5-10 ml intramuscularly; handling lumbar puncture) and antibacterial therapy (antibiotics locally, parenteral, vnutriarterialno endolumbalno, sulfanilamida and others)
Late bulging of the brain caused sometimes infectious complications (encephalitis, abscess of the brain, meningitis, and others). The medullar substance ceases to pulsate, swelling of the brain as gnetaceae of wounds, increases. Wabukhala part of the brain has the form of the fungus from necrotic areas and purulent raids. Infringement of the drop-down area of the brain bone, shell hole can lead to necrosis. The conservative treatment (antibiotics in massive doses of sulfonamides) or surgery (removal of necrotic parts of the brain dissection infringe wibehouse part of the brain substance bone margin trepanation holes and scar rings, remove abscess, and so on).
The best method of preventing bulging brain is a thorough debridement followed antibacterial and dehydration therapy and careful preservation wounds from re-injury, strict bed rest until the elimination bulging. Transportation of such patients should be very careful, better sanitary aviation.