Urethral discharge

Urethral discharge most often are the result of mucosal inflammation of the urethra (urethritis). This includes urethritis caused by microbes - gonococcus or nonspecific (banal) flora, parasites (trichomoniasis), burns urethra after introduction in it of various chemicals, irritation its eye-catching salts, phosphates, oxalates or urates (see Inflammation of the urethra). In acute gonorrhea, urethritis allocation are rich, thick lucabrazzi consistency, greenish-yellow; the outer opening of the urethra vospalennah and swollen. In chronic gonorrhea, and nonspecific urethritis for the allocation of scarce, their colour is grey, consistency mucopurulent or mucosa. When Trichomonas urethritis for the allocation of scarce, slightly foamy, their color is white.
Prostateria. Chronic inflammation of the prostate may be accompanied by a discharge from the urethra. The latter usually appear after defecation due to the pressure of solid feces on the prostate, excretory ducts which he lost as a result of inflammation their tone. The selection of prostate secretion of several drops of milk color is called prestatori.
Spermatorrhea. The contents of the seminal vesicles in the form of gelatinous clumps of grey color and a large amount of sperm is also able to stand out from the urethra when urinating due to pressure of feces on the seminal vesicles or admixed to urine at the end of urination with the reduction of muscles of the perineum (spermatozoa). The reason for spermatorrhea is atony semyavynosyaschih ducts as a result of the transferred urethritis and spermatocytic.
Any discharge from the urethra is subject to microscopic examination. The drop of excretion put a loop on a glass slide, cover cover glass and examined under a microscope. Establish the presence of white blood cells, mucus, epithelium, Trichomonas - urethritis; lipoid grains and amyloid Taurus - when
prostateria; motile and non-motile sperm, seed crystals (after adding drops of ammonia phosphate) - when spermatorrhea.
When sexual excitation sometimes there is a discharge from the urethra 1-2 vitreous drops gray, representing a secret urethral glands Littre, hard released during erection. This allocation is known as urethrorhoea ex libidine (emphasis from the urethra due to sexual attraction), is a physiological and does not require treatment.