Septic tank (rake) receiver for sewage, which is the underground part recanalizing yard lavatory, luftslottet or pomocniczy. Sometimes for collection of liquid sewage use metal or wooden capacity, removable or sliding.
According to the sanitary rules cesspool must be waterproof, no pollution of soil and groundwater. It is made of concrete, brick or wood. In the latter case around the sides and bottom of pit latrines is placed a layer of crushed clay thickness of 40-50 cm (earthen castle). The depth of the pit latrines from the surface of the earth should be calculated depending on the groundwater level, but not more than 3 m, the Distance between the bottom of the pit latrines and the level of soil water should be not less than 0,5-1 m Device deeper pit latrines connected to the aquifer, the so-called absorption wells, is strictly prohibited. Hatches for cleaning latrines must be equipped with a well-fitting double-tight caps. The bottom of the pit latrines must have a slope Towards the hatch. If necessary are allowed to make a General cesspool for domestic latrines and pomolic. A cesspool must have a ventilation. Build it least 25 m from the wells. Cleaning of cesspools produce as it is required, but not less than twice a year. The miry pit should be cleaned every 5-7 days in summer and 12-15 days in winter. In the warm season the surface Cesspool daily need to cover dry bleach; it deters flies and prevents their development.
Cm. also the Cleaning of populated areas.