Exhaust gases

exhaust gasesExhaust - gas mixture produced by the combustion of fuel in internal combustion engines. The exhaust gases include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, aldehydes, nitrogen oxides, sulphur, using leaded gasoline - lead.
The toxicity of exhaust gases is determined by the carbon monoxide, the number of which in the exhaust gases can be 11.6% and more of the gas mixture.
Poisoning by exhaust gases can occur in workers garages, petrol stations, car repair shops, drivers and traffic controllers transport.
The clinical picture of poisoning by exhaust gases and first aid - see Monoxide.
The decrease in the content of harmful components in exhaust gases is achieved by constant monitoring of the technical condition of the engine, the observance of strict regime and supervision of the operation of the engine in an enclosed space, the device supply-and-exhaust ventilation in all workplaces that use engines, as well as the system of local exhaust ventilation pressure additive connected to the exhaust pipe of an engine, a shelter (capsulata) engine for fixed installations with a powerful exhaust ventilation from under the shelter. It is necessary to systematically determine the content of harmful gases in the air of industrial premises (garages, bus station) and in ambient air of settlements. Reduction of atmospheric air pollution with exhaust gases contribute and activities such as the device of underground tunnels, County roads, and so on