Loss of mucous membrane in the urethra

Excessive development and excessive weakness of the connective tissue that connects the wall of the urethra with mucous membranes, can be accompanied in women, the emphasis on the latter via the outer opening of the urethra. This contributes to birth trauma, vulvovaginitis.
If the mucous membrane falls evenly around the entire circumference, eversion it has a ring-shaped form, and the outer opening of the urethra is at the center; if the loss of uneven walls, outer hole lies eccentric. Sometimes falls separate segment of the mucous membrane, reminding polyp external opening.
Fallen mucous has different sizes - from a cherry pit up to chicken eggs. Bright red color of her gradually becomes bluish-red, swelling develops due to venous stagnation, caused by infringement of the mucous membrane in the outer opening of the urethra.
Sometimes infringement reaches such an extent that blood circulation dropped out of the mucosa, it necrosis, ulceration, and gangrene.
First, the loss of the mucous membrane in the urethra does not cause any symptoms. Then the feeling of heaviness and pressure pain of the vulva, is sometimes difficult and frequent urination. Fallen swollen mucosa festers, bleeds when zatragivanija and intercourse.
Recognition is not difficult. For the differentiation with polyp external opening of the urethra lead round a thin probe the inner circle. At loss of mucosal probe never obstructed, when polyp he rests in his leg.
Small asymptomatic loss do not require treatment. If they grow to significant size or cause pain, bleeding, necrosis, shown circular excision fallen mucosa and stapling its Central region with the mucous membranes of the vulva.