A prolapsed uterus, vagina

A prolapsed uterus, vagina is a chronic disease from progressing. The most common cause of prolapse of the uterus is the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, caused by a birth trauma, especially in cases where gaps crotch after birth were not sewn or were sewn wrong. In causing the disease has a value and the weakening of the ligaments of the uterus, with its radical cords running from the wall of the pelvis to the cervix, as well as heavy physical work in the postpartum period.prolapse uterus vagina
Often a prolapsed uterus, vagina observed in old age, when reduced elasticity and resistance of the tissues and develops them atrophy. Girls and antenatal women this pathology is extremely rare and is caused in these cases usually disorders of innervation of muscles of the pelvic floor.
There are partial and total loss of the uterus and vagina; in some cases there is only one wall of the vagina - the front or rear.
In case of incomplete prolapsed uterus outside of the genital slit overlook the cervix and vaginal wall. Normally, the cervix swollen, lunatica, sometimes with multiple ulcers (bedsores). In the complete loss of all the uterus is below the plane of the output of small pelvis and is placed inside a loose vagina (Fig).
Prolapse of the uterus in the initial stage is only a problem when natureway and increased intra b ruchnogo pressure; as the development process uterus falls without prior voltage.
In the initial stages of possible the reduction of the uterus in the supine position, but then resetting it is ineffective. Prolapse of the uterus may lead to violation of urination - frequent it, and then the difficulty. With the development of infringement dropped out of the uterus may be a delay urination with the picture paradoxical delay incontinence (involuntary discharge of urine drops in a full bladder).
Treatment of prolapse of the uterus, vagina is conservative and surgical methods. Conservative methods (use of restorative means, therapeutic exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles) should be appointed in cases where hasn't happened yet atrophy of the tissues.
If contraindications to surgery in women age justified the use of vaginal pessaries (rings)manufactured from plastic, solid rubber. Vaginal ring must be periodically removed and disinfected. Wearing pessaries usually the effect is temporary; in long-term wearing them can form ulcers, decubitus.
Surgical methods of treatment indicated for the complete loss of the uterus and vagina. Operations aimed at restoring the pelvic floor and the strengthening of the position of the uterus. To restore the pelvic floor used to colpoperineorrhaphy (see Crotch), Corporatio (see) or colpoperineorrhaphy (see). To strengthen the position of the uterus suggested many operations; most reasonable entropically (see).
Prevention. It is extremely important careful, rational management of deliveries. At break crotch should be carefully sewn. During pregnancy and after the birth of great importance special exercises aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor (see Pregnancy, Postpartum period). Soviet law prohibited the employment of women in jobs that involve heavy physical load.