Teaching children to family responsibilities

Boys and girls must be prepared to wage the family farm. They have become parties to the economy, helping all parents, being ready to execute any household chores. If the family budget is modest, it is important to teach children to reckon with it, skillfully to plan their expenses, to show the reasonableness and prudence when buying various items, to be able to save, to indulge in something. One can often hear from parents the following words: "even If we are hard at the moment with the money, we still will not become anything to deny the son. Are we worse than others?"
And it turns out that the child, not knowing anything of failure and about the difficulties in the family, without hesitation, spends caught him money to buy unnecessary things, what he saw from a friend. Can I grow responsive, attentive and caring man who can be considered not only on their wishes, but also with the needs of other family members? Hardly, if he becomes accustomed from childhood to mindless waste of money, even if small.
But if the family budget, on the contrary, quite a lot (which, incidentally, is prevalent in our families currently)? As it is wiser to do in this case? May be, and should not limit very quickly growing needs of the child? "For whom live?" - we sometimes hear. And this creates a dangerous situation for the education selfish, boastful man, accustomed to indulge in anything and get all he has to do and not even really need, on demand. Yes not requested, and more often on request!
And require such children a lot. First, somewhere in the 3rd class on the child's hands were first put on the watch. And not that kind of old, "mother", but real, new, even the gold! And then, in the sixth or seventh grade bought a radio or a motorcycle. Man grows accustomed to luxurious life. But what will happen then, later, when he grows up and faced the first difficulties of our family life? If he will have to save, and to give up something needed for the sake of others? Will he be able to withstand this change? Whether will manage to save his own family from possible at that misunderstandings, conflicts? No, so parents should strive to protect children from careless attitude to the family budget, to accustom them to reckon with financial difficulties, to involve them in the planning of purchases for family members (mother, father, grandmother, and then Natasha, stake)in the distribution of daily budget (to give the job to buy something for dinner), etc.
According to A. S. Makarenko, children should acquire the capacity of orientation in time, shopping, in economic Affairs. This ability is nurtured by constant exercise in household care, in the knowledge of the details and particulars of the economy. A. S. Makarenko stated that from 7-8 years is necessary to give the child more serious task is to water the flowers, in order to keep books, to feed the cat, monitor younger brother. But especially important is the area of money expenditures. Anton Semenovich encourages parents to give children some independence in spending the money to meet their personal and family needs. To do this, one or several times a month to give them a certain amount of money with the exact indication of what the money should be spent. You can see the behavior of the child, his attitude toward money, the quality of his character, etc.
Teaching children to participate in the household, the parents can show a clear example of accuracy, thrift, careful attitude to all family members. Especially great is the role of the father. Organizing in the family work days, Saturdays or Sundays"as much as possible to involve children. The father takes, as a rule, cases involving greater expenditure of physical strength. It waxes floor, helps the mother to wipe the Windows, move and repair items, appliances, etc., Next to him must work and his son, help her sister and mother to bring water, linen, and father grate floor, and so on Joint employment not only brings together senior and Junior members of the family, but also teaches the younger boy, future man to be caring, family-oriented, good helper of a woman in her everyday household chores.