Rectifiers - electronic and electro-vacuum devices, passing an alternating electric current in one direction only. In electrocardiographs, apparatus for galvanization, electrical and other electromedical devices are widely used rectifiers.
For rectification current of high voltage in x-ray machines (see) apply kenotron that include series with the x-ray tube.
Kenotron as x-ray tube, is a glass cylinder with a high degree of vacuum, in which two electrodes are sealed - hot and cold cathode anode. The difference is in terms of work: the filament cathode spiral of kenotron much more than the incandescent cathode x-ray tube. This creates the conditions for passing of flow of electrons from the cathode to the anode with a small voltage drop in kenotron that is not accompanied by the formation of the anode kenotron x-ray radiation and yet contributes to the improvement of working conditions of x-ray tube. Sometimes as rectifiers used Gazotron-ion valves with hot cathode, the container which is filled with pairs of mercury or inert gas under pressure from a few hundredths of a millimeter up to 3-5 mm RT. Art.