Scraping (obstetrics and gynecology) is an operation to remove the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity with diagnostic or therapeutic purposes and for interruption of pregnancy.
In obstetric practice scraping is most often used for artificial termination of pregnancy, delete parts of the ovum with incomplete abortion, delete parts of placental tissue in the postpartum period. In gynecological practice scraping is with the purpose of differential diagnosis for suspected cancer or tuberculosis mucous membrane of the uterus; therapeutic purposes - with strong uterine bleeding on the ground of menstrual disorders of various etiology.
Scraping is contraindicated in the presence of infectious diseases with high temperature, inflammation process genitals, perforation or suspected perforation of the uterus, ectopic pregnancy.
Scraping produces only a doctor and always in the hospital. Sick for curettage serves as a normal operation (see the Preoperative period). Scraping recommended under local anesthesia. Before scraping external genitals, wall vagina and neck cancer treated with alcohol and 5% alcoholic iodine solution. After processing the cervix naked in the mirror, capture bullet forceps for the front lip and buried. Before the expansion of the cervical canal produce sensingto determine its length and direction. Expand the cervical canal expanders, Hegira. If scraping produce to interrupt the pregnancy, the degree of expansion of the cervical canal depends on the term of pregnancy: pregnancy is not more than 10 weeks rather an extension to 12, pregnancy 11 -12 weeks before the 14th non extender, Hegira. When scraping about incomplete abortion expansion of the cervical canal is almost never produce, because he is enough disclosed.
After the enlargement of the cervical canal produce Department of the ovum from the uterine wall and the destruction of its special spoon - curette. Maintenance of the postoperative period - see Abortion.
Curettage of the uterus in the postpartum period, generate a large blunt curette without prior cervical dilatation. For the pilot scrubbing with diagnostic purposes or curettage for bleeding on the ground menstrual disorders expansion of the canal of the cervix produce up to 7-8-th number of the extender Hagara, then successively examined by curette of the uterus. Scraping sent for histological examination.