Dislocations of the humeral head

A dislocated shoulder occur in the fall with a stretched forward or allotted hand. Depending on where this has shifted the head of the humerus (forward, back, down), there are the following dislocated shoulder: front, bottom, and rear. All of them are accompanied by strain and rupture of joint capsule, sharp pain, deformity of the shoulder joint and the lack of movement in it. After the reset dislocated limb fixed on 3-4 weeks bandage Deso or a plaster bandage.
Therapeutic physical culture appointed on the 2nd day after the injury. In the first period against the background of General developmental and breathing exercises are conducted special active exercises for fingers, hand, isometric exercises in the muscles and in the sending pulses to the fixed shoulder and elbow joints. All the exercises are repeated 10-15 times, and the whole complex of exercises 4-6 times a day. After immobilization II and III periods of medical physical culture are carried out by the method described earlier. Restoration of function of the shoulder joint due in 2,5-3 months. Sport training resolved by physician individually, but not earlier than 4 months after the injury in the conservative treatment and 6 months later when operational.