Eversion of the uterus

Under the eversion of the uterus (inversio uteri) (Fig. 59) see this kind of offset of it when the inner surface of the uterus (the mucosa) directed outwards, and the ventral surface on the inside. If the offset takes part entire uterus, except vaginal part that remains in place, then we speak of a complete ectropion. In case of incomplete eversion only the fundus of the uterus presses in its cavity.
For education eversion of the uterus is necessary that the walls of her body relaxed, the cervical canal was discovered and to the bottom acted in the direction from top to down any leading or oppressive power. Most often, these conditions are present during childbirth in succession period (taking the Vendor at a flabby the uterus, separation of the placenta by pulling the cord and so on). Much less this shift may be caused by tumors, for example submucosal fibroids, coming from the bottom of the uterus. If the foot tumor long, thin and pliable, the birth of such polyps do not lead ectropion; if it is short, thick and arastima, then, when the tumor may lead to the uterine wall and remove the last.
If the eversion of the uterus after delivery is not recognized and are not receiving timely treatment, the uterine involution is in the wrong position, resulting in chronic eversion of the uterus.
Recognition of inversion does not present much difficulty: finger, placed in the vagina, probed round education that goes up in the region expanded in the form of a dense ring throat. When viewed with the help of mirrors find that the surface is detected education cinemagraphic color, covered more or less deep ulcerations, sometimes nekrotizirovanne,- bleeds easily.