Wasserman reaction

The Wasserman - immunological reaction is used for diagnosis of syphilis.
The Wasserman belongs to the group of reactions of complement fixation (see Board - Zhang reaction). It is based on the ability of serum blood of a patient with syphilis to form a complex with the appropriate antigens.
Blood for Wasserman reaction should be taken on an empty stomach or after 6 hours after a meal.
For the given reaction will need the following ingredients: 1) investigated serum, 2) antigens, 3) complement, 4) haemolytic serum, 5) erythrocytes of sheep. Before setting reactions Wasserman investigated the serum should be warm in a water bath at 4oC 56 degrees for 30 minutes with the aim of inactivation own complement and stabilization globulin. As antigen use alcohol extracts of lipids from abnormal or normal tissues. Antigens for the reaction Wasserman release in finished form, indicating the title and method of cultivation.
All the ingredients for a reaction Wasserman take in the same amount of 0.5 or 0.25 ml. With the purpose of strong complement fixation on the specific complex mixture test serum, antigen and complement placed in a thermostat at the temperature 37 deg for 45-60 minutes (I phase reaction), and then make haemolytic system consisting of sheep erythrocytes and haemolytic serum (II phase reaction), and the test tube is placed again in the thermostat for 30-60 minutes before the onset of hemolysis in control, where: 1) antigen replace physiological solution, 2) instead of the test serum make a saline solution. There are a number of modifications reaction Wasserman.reaction Wasserman
The degree of positivity Wasserman reaction to denote the number of crosses (Fig. 28): + + ++ total delay of hemolysis, liquid not painted, all red blood cells in the Deposit; + + + evident delays of hemolysis, liquid pink, red blood cells in the Deposit; + + partial delay of hemolysis, liquid painted intensively, sediment erythrocytes clearly seen; + weak delay of hemolysis, intensely colored liquid, sludge small, poorly visible; - full hemolysis, liquid painted intensively, draft no.