Weil - Felix reaction

Weil - Felix reaction - diagnostic reaction agglutination of some species of bacteria with serum cyproterone patients. Currently used only as an additional test for the differential diagnosis of primary typhus. Is by mixing serum blood of patients with suspension of daily culture coli Proteus OH: agglutinogen microbes form dense white flakes, precipitating. Positive reaction occurs in 90 - 95% of patients with typhus, appearing on 5-8-day sickness in titles 1 : 200-1 : 400 with the gradual increase in titer. The positive reaction of the Weil - Felix detected in a few months. In the case of sporadic and recurrent diseases reaction appears somewhat earlier than usual, at lower titers and in 30% of patients can be negative during the illness and convalescence period. The reaction of the Weil - Felix sometimes appears when the rat typhus, tick the rickettsiosis, but in low titers and at a later date. Diagnostics of different riccetsios diseases is conducted with different strains coli and Proteus. Cm. also typhus, diagnosis.