struggleExecution in the struggle of the various methods of attack and protection helps the development of speed and agility. However, overcoming the resistance of the enemy and its weight makes the fight mainly power exercise. Wrestling exercises develop the skeletal muscles and endurance in power voltages.
For struggle as strength training is typical natureline - maximum muscle tension with exhale when closed, the glottis. Natureline leads to a sharp increase in intrathoracic pressure, poor blood circulation in a small circle and impede the flow of blood from the hollow of the veins in the heart with the subsequent flooding its right Department. The heart of a well-trained young fighter cope with these phenomena, but for teenagers and people of Mature age, they can be harmful. To start training for the fight should not 13-15 years earlier. Persons over 38-40 years wrestling exercises are not recommended. To prevent often arise among the fighters pustular skin diseases requires strict adherence to hygiene rules body care, and keep clean the tires on carpets.