The x-ray room

Fig. 1. General view of autoranging.

Fig. 2. Placement of equipment in the back of autoranging (top view): 1 - photolaboratory table; 2 - tanks for processing of x-ray; 3 - a box for tents; 4 - power plant; 5 - an oven; 6 - a box for commercial property; 7 - column x-ray unit; 8 - support wall (tabletop x-ray apparatus); 9 console; 10 - a box with the block transformer.

Fig. 3. View of the front wall of the body of autoranging: 1 - photolaboratory table; 2 - tanks for manifestations; 3 - a box for tent; 4 - shelf for viewing box; 5 - outlets; 6 - the device for reception of cassettes; 7 - nonactinic lantern; 8 - negatoscope; 9 - a device for negotiations with the cab; 10 - thermometer.

The x-ray room - a set of premises, equipment and accessories for performing x-ray and rentgenoterapevticheskie procedures. Depending on the nature of the operations, and the types installed in their vehicles there are x-ray, fluorography and rentgenoterapevticheskie R. K. Few R. K. various purposes (images, x-ray and other diagnostic tests) or R. K. intended for various rentgenoterapevticheskie procedures functioning in one medical institution, form x (x-ray) branch. There are also mobile and stationary x-ray rooms. To mobile x-ray rooms include so-called autorange, i.e., x-ray room in the car intended for operation in non-stationary conditions. Domestic autorange (Fig. 1) is mounted on the chassis of the vehicle is a van body defined therein sectional x-ray apparatus, mobile power plant, frame tent and a set of auxiliary equipment and commercial property (Fig. 2). As a darkroom use the vehicle (Fig. 3) after removal from it of the power plant and the x-ray machine to be installed in a suitable location or available in the tent. For operational purposes to ensure rapid deployment, all equipment autoranging designed and secured in the vehicle in such a way that allows for the Assembly and disassembly by the staff of the service staff within half an hour without use of special tools. In order to ensure security in the x-ray apparatus provides protection of personnel against electric shock from the impact of the scattered x-ray radiation. Autorange equipped with the necessary documentation, including manual and pick list.
In connection with the mass development of fluoro (see) at the present time both in Russia and abroad are mobile x-ray vehicle intended for x-ray studies.
To mobile x-ray rooms are also offices located in
rail, river and sea vessels. These x-ray offices regulated by the instructions approved by the heads of the relevant departments.
In respect of stationary x-ray rooms should be guided by the Rules of the device and operation", approved by the health Ministry and Presidium of the Central Committee of trade Union of medical workers. For stationary x-ray devices of the Cabinet needs the corresponding project approved by the radiology Department of the Republican, regional, provincial or municipal hospital (x station) and coordinated with the bodies of sanitary supervision.
Fully and properly equipped and prepared for operation x-ray room must be adopted by a special Commission appointed by the relevant order. On adopted, i.e. available for exploitation, x-ray room is issued the passport, and then on the x-ray room slid control and technical magazine, which contribute date and the results of technical inspections and other technical documentation. Technical examination x-ray machines with their simultaneous planned preventive repairs must be made at least 1 time per month.

  • Plans for x-ray rooms
  • Lighting, heating and organization of work x-ray rooms