Xeroderma pigment

Xeroderma pigment - rare dermatosis, hereditarily increased sensitivity of skin to sunlight. Is shown, as a rule, during the first years of a child's life. On the exposed areas of the skin (face, limbs) after exposure to the sun appear erythematous and pigment spots. The skin becomes dry, scaly, appear telangiectasia (see), atrophic areas, develops a General thinning of the skin lesions, resulting in the nose as if pointed, mouth tapering; in the process involves the red border of the lips, there conjunctivitis, ectropion (ectropion). To 8-10 years at the affected area is often appear orogovevshie warty or papillomatosis expansion becoming a basal cell carcinoma (see), spinocellular cancer or melanoma (see). The forecast is unfavorable: two-thirds of patients do not live more than 15 years. Treatment of liver xeroderma: corticosteroids (by prescription), vitamins a and B12, ascorbic acid. Care: avoid sunlight, sunscreen ointments with 10% salol, cream "Ray" and other Patients should be under medical supervision.