Xerophthalmia is dryness of the conjunctiva and cornea. Develops due to vitamin a deficiency, and trophic disorders and disorders of lachrymal in Exodus trachoma, diphtheria, burn conjunctiva, lagophthalmos (see). Conjunctiva if xeroftalmia becomes rough, grayish color, appear on it matte-white patches (plaques Bito). The cornea becomes cloudy, covered with dry plaques (keramicheskiy), its surface becomes rough. Vision is sharply reduced. Xerophthalmia associated with vitamin a deficiency may be the reverse development, and other forms of xeroftalmia the Outlook for recovery of view, weak enabling. Treatment: instillation in the eye of 0.01% aqueous solution of citral, vaseline or peach oil, fish oil. In severe xeroftalmia shown surgery: transplantation of the excretory duct of the parotid gland to hydrate the conjunctiva. If xeroftalmia associated with vitamin a deficiency, in addition to local treatment, shows a diet rich in vitamin a, vitamin a inside (see Vitamin deficiency).