Xerostomia - dry mouth, caused by the reduction or complete cessation of salivation. Cause xerostomia is the defeat of the salivary glands ( parenchyma or innervating apparatus)and senile atrophy of the salivary glands.
In addition dry mouth, patients experience burning and tingling in the area of the tongue, gums, and lips. In patients, long-suffering from xerostomia, mucous membrane becomes atrophic, red, shiny, covered with cracks. Xerostomia can be a symptom of a number of diseases: vitamin A, diseases of Mikulich, diabetes, polyneuritis, scleroderma. Especially often xerostomia observed in the pathological syndrome occlusion (see).
Treatment of xerostomia. A patient in need of examination and treatment of the underlying disease. For increased salivation, it is advisable to appoint a longitudinal galvanization. The prognosis depends on the underlying disease course.
Care: irrigation of the mouth mild disinfectant solutions and lubricating mucous membrane of fish oil or oil solution of vitamin A.