Clairvoyance awake in a dream

Other information the phenomenon of parapsychology - clairvoyance. There are people who can provide information about the event taking place somewhere far away and hidden from the view.
A typical example. In the village lived an old woman, slipuma clairvoyant. Coming to her fellow-villager: "Oh, aunt Masha, help! Lost cow, my nurse. The third day looking for. Help me out, help me". Closes grandmother Masha eyes. Immersed in thought. To disturb her at this time is impossible. After a few minutes she opens her eyes and says, "See. Cow of yours is just over the river in the forest, tied to the birch tree. The three versts from here." Woman run out, thrown across the river and in the specified location finds her nurse.
There are cases of clairvoyance and during sleep. They said, when Siberia was a flood, to the helicopter pilots who rescued and seek out victims, ran 16-year-old girl. She begged to go with the body of her mother that she had seen in a dream in a defined location on a clearing in the forest. Helicopter pilots honored the request girl, fly, but found nothing. The girl insisted that will fly with them myself and the mother's body will find. Flew again, and actually found.

The prophets and seers

With clairvoyance echoes the following phenomenon - Providence, or prokopia, in the vernacular - a prediction of the future. Usually the prophets at the same time there are clairvoyants. Here the division of labour is not particularly strict.
There is one proskomide living in Bulgaria. She predicted that Carter will not become a President for the second term, and Indira Gandhi (then dismissed from the post of head of the government) will return to the leadership of the Council of Ministers that the son of Indie-ry Gandhi will get in a plane crash, etc.
Clear theory that would capture the essence, the nature of clairvoyance and Providence, parapsychologists not. Brought again the concept of the bio-field, combined with a rather fantastic views about the presence of some space information center, which receives information about all processes and events surrounding reality. With this center, according to a stated point of view, through biofield talk clairvoyants and prophets.
Let us consider the facts. Rural clairvoyant, I think, gives information on two lines. On the one hand, it collects information about everything that happens around. This is her bread. About a cow that had strayed and someone is bound to a tree by a river, she knows already two days and waiting for will come to her for advice. On the other hand, I admit that some of the information comes in her brain, without attracting attention of the conscious sphere. About the same cow she could hear the edge of the ear in a public place, for example at the market, and not be aware of it. But really, this is her role: she must be able to mobilize a subconscious realm. Closing her eyes, she sometimes just playing trance, though already knew what to say. Sometimes, maybe she really is immersed in a sort of relaxation and waiting to see what impression the first to emerge from the mist of chaos her inner world. Sometimes POPs up exactly what you need. In short, in this case there are any known facts, or shameful lies (when done a semblance of trance in this case unnecessary).
Case with a girl and helicopter pilots can be understood in terms of the information that the girl knew, but, shocked the possible death of the mother, saw in a dream like new, and in terms of information coming into the brain from the outside, from some people, whose words to consciousness not reached, and the trace left.
As for the seers, often, their divination is very logical and based on that information, what is there in the press. Didn't have to be a famous seer to predict the political fate of Carter and Indira Gandhi. But the fact that Indira Gandhi will be killed, proskomide not said!
The predictions of the prophets have, undoubtedly, considerable awe impact on believing them. Here is a complete analogy with how people who believe in dreams, act prophecies under the shadow of the night. Receiving such a prediction people sometimes unwittingly comes to meet the promised trouble.
Generally, it should be noted in addition to the mentioned one very important point. If clairvoyant or soothsayer wrong, no one says about it. If the information is correct, trumpeting about this extensively. Does such a curious phenomenon because we are surprised and tell others what is a relatively unexpected, i.e. is this information (in the understanding of information theory). What my grandmother would be wrong, of course, about this and say no, then no updates. If grandma guessed, it's so interesting that this should tell people. Moreover, the failure of just ashamed to admit that resorted to the help of such information source. A similar situation occurs in the treatment of the doctor and herbalist. We blow the failures of the doctor and about the successes of the sorcerer, and the good doctor and failures of the sorcerer - things for granted, we are silent.
In the phenomena of clairvoyance and Prokopii there are no facts that could be considered reliable new phenomena in need of a new explanation.