Simple ulcer bladder

In addition to specific ulcers tuberculosis and syphilis, on the mucous membrane of the urinary bladder sometimes formed the so-called simple ulcer.
All layers of the gallbladder wall involved in the process. The bottom of the ulcer is formed by granulation tissue with areas of necrotic epithelium. The edges of her thickened, mucous membrane around swollen. In the submucosal layer is celebrated round-cell infiltration. In the muscle layer is also round-cell infiltration, vessels dilated, interstitial tissue edema. Sometimes on the ulcer deposited uric salt - encrusting ulcer bubble. The cause is unclear.
Simple ulcer occurs suddenly, accompanied by pain, especially when urinating, and hematuria. The diagnosis is established by a cystoscopy. Characteristic features of the plagues: odinochnoi, amosulalol edge, bleeding the bottom of a dark red color (Fig. 78). Unlike tuberculosis simple ulcer is located far from the mouths of the urinary tract; from the sores of syphilis it differs negative serological response and no history of syphilis.

simple ulcer bladder
Fig. 78. Simple ulcer bladder.

Treatment. Apply antibiotics and sulfanilamides, endovascular electrocoagulation, intravenous injections of Novocain, cortisone oral, intramuscular, in the form of installations in the bladder or local injections in tissue ulcers through a special needle.