Forecast ulcers

Forecast ulcers set individually, depending on age, sex the patient, peculiarities of clinical course of the disease, the localization of ulcers, complications related diseases, as well as consumer and professional factors.
In "Junior" ulcers with their tendency to bleeding, frequent recurrences, persistence of pain syndrome prognosis for recovery is weak enabling. Peptic ulcer disease in elderly and senile age gives a relatively high mortality rate due to the frequency of complications (bleeding, education kallusnykh ulcers). In women of childbearing period of peptic ulcer disease has a better prognosis.
If only begun and uncomplicated forms of peptic ulcer disease prediction generally favorable. About 1/3 of cases there is scarring ulcers without relapses. However, even with uncomplicated peptic ulcer disease prognosis depends more on domestic, professional environment that is sick; elimination of factors that adversely affect the course of the disease, leading to the development of complications and recurrences, improves prediction. Early diagnosis, timely treatment and preventive actions appreciably protect the patient from complications and save him the ability to work.
In the duration of the current illness, combined with frequent, prolonged, difficult therapeutic effects of a relapse, the prediction is much worse, especially in complicated forms of gastroduodenal ulceration. The recurrence rate decreases with age.
Localization of the ulcer is important for prognosis. So, stomach ulcers roboeda slower, often complicated by perforation and profuse bleeding. Giant ulcers greater curvature of the stomach is difficult antiulcer treatment and in 50% of cases are malignant. Concomitant chronic gastritis worsens the prognosis of gastric ulcers.
Duodenal ulcer heals faster than a stomach ulcer, but more prone to relapse. About 1/3 of the time it is complicated by inflammation of the biliary tract, which, undoubtedly, affects the prognosis.
Ulcer pyloric canal often give bleeding and lead to the pyloric stenosis. Also prognostically valokuvia (postbalance) ulcer, which is often complicated by perforation and bleeding.
Comorbidities certainly worsen the prognosis of peptic ulcer. Complications of the pancreas, bile ducts, pronounced overstrain of the nervous system, combined with malnutrition, also belong to the adverse prognostic factors. This has been confirmed in changing clinical picture of peptic ulcer during the great Patriotic war.
Worsens the prognosis of peptic ulcer disease in elderly hypertension and atherosclerosis. Worsen the prognosis for ulcer failure to diet, alcohol, Smoking.
Death in uncomplicated peptic ulcer disease does not happen. It is possible in case of complications: perforation, bleeding.