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The incidence of sportsmen and its structure

In physical education and sport in our country is involved more and more people.
Obviously, to health provision, mandatory for all those involved in physical culture and sports, in addition to the existing network of sports and medical treatment-and-prophylactic establishments, inevitably attracted the General practitioners. Now it is for them are people of different ages and health conditions for advice regarding optimal degree of physical activity, with the admission to the sports and physical education, to deliver the standards of the TRP, for permission Jogging and its dosage, etc., and sometimes these doctors, highly qualified specialists in their field and are helpless in solving such issues. That's why all the doctors, and first of all physicians should be well positioned in the major aspects of sports medicine and have a clear idea about the negative consequences of physical culture and sport during their improper use.
Medical science has always solved and solve now three main objectives: health promotion, protection from diseases and their treatment. This means that the task of the medical science has always been not only a treatment and disease prevention, but also strengthen and improve the health of the healthy.
It is obvious that for solution of these tasks should study of man as in healthy and sick. You cannot understand the nature of the disease, not understanding the essence of health, and Vice versa.
Of considerable importance in the solution of these problems are physical culture and sports. So, for treatment of diseases is used therapyfor prevention of diseases and promotion of health - improving physical training, and to improve the health status are sports for sports achievements should grow due to improvement of state of health, and not at the expense of health.
Medical provision engaged in physical training and sports is a function of the new, young science of sports medicine, which represents an independent scientific discipline. Of course, it does not exist in isolation but is part of clinical and preventive medicine, however, has its content and its tasks. Unfortunately, the generally accepted definition of sports medicine as a science yet. Existing in the literature definition is vague, sometimes vague and give the opportunity to invest in the concept of the "sports medicine" different content. The lack of a clear definition of this science does not allow to outline the spectrum of the tasks it should solve it.
We believe that sports medicine is the science that studies the positive and negative effects of different degrees of physical activity (Hypo - to giperkinesia) on an organism of the healthy and sick person to determine the optimal exercise, recovery and promotion of health, improving functional status, growth of sport achievements, as well as the prevention and treatment of various diseases.
It is obvious that such a definition of sports medicine involves the solution of a number of other, more private, but very important task. These include the improvement and development of new methods for determining health and functional status, development of rational ways of restoration of physical and mental health, diagnostics (especially early) and treatment of diseases and injuries arising from poor physical culture and sport, the study of disease patterns and characteristics of the course of disease in persons, engaged in physical culture and sports, and development of measures on prevention of pre-pathological conditions and pathological changes arising from the irrational use of means of physical culture and sports. These tasks include also medical care "health groups", industrial gymnastics, school of physical education and t.. D.
This definition of sports medicine does not claim indisputability, because this science is still in its infancy, however, in our opinion, it is most correctly reflects the essence of this scientific discipline.