The account of separate kinds of morbidity

In the account of separate kinds of morbidity is of particular importance given the incidence of infectious diseases and diseases with temporary loss of ability to work. In each case acute infectious diseases subject to current accounting and alarm, the doctor fills no later than 12 hours from the moment of detection of the disease map emergency notification. The nurse or midwife rural health of the site are obliged to make a map in two copies, one of which is sent to a district doctor, the other - to the district authorities.
Map emergency notification fill in the following diseases: typhoid fever, paratyphoid, dysentery, toxic dyspepsia, colitis, enteritis, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough, anthrax, SAP, infectious hepatitis, cerebrospinal meningitis, polio, epidemic encephalitis, tick-borne encephalitis, tularemia, rabies, leptospirosis, tetanus, malaria, tuberculosis, brucellosis. In each case acute food or occupational poisoning, when identification of a case of smear positive TB also constitute an emergency notice that all health workers are required to send to the authorities for carrying out anti-epidemic measures. For accounting of especially dangerous infectious diseases (smallpox, cholera, plague and other) introduced a special order: immediate notification by telephone or Telegraph local bodies of public health MOH and Russia.
In medical institutions, where the reception is not only a doctor, but the medical assistant, medical assistant statistical coupons mark the letter "f" in the upper right corner. If the patient is accepted by the medical assistant, further treated by a physician, medical attendant pass mark "adopted by the doctor."
Accounting of morbidity with temporary disability are based on the issued leaflets disability. Especially important in industrial enterprises accounting for sick leave, received by workers and employees in health facilities at the place of work or place of residence.
The compilation of data on morbidity with temporary disability is made by quarterly reports (form 3-1), which comprise saucony or committees with the participation of doctors. These reports contain information on the number of cases and the number of calendar days for all the diseases in General, and for a brief list of some forms of the disease. In the counting of cases includes only the primary sheets and days of incapacity counted as primary sheets and their sequels. For the analysis of morbidity per quarter for each form of the disease indicated in the report, calculate the following indicators:
1) the number of cases per 100 workers;
2) the number of days of incapacity per 100 workers; 3) the average duration of a single case (number of days, divided by the number of cases).
The analysis of huge pieces of overall morbidity shows that the most common diseases are influenza II catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, sore throat and injuries. One of the first places in prevalence are also diseases of the cardiovascular system, prevention and treatment which is one of the main tasks of medical science and practice. The value of cardiovascular disease due to severe course of their considerable part, and also the fact that they are very frequent in older and older age groups, the number of which in the composition of the population for the last time increases. In these age groups are significantly more likely than others are malignant neoplasms; together with diseases of cardiovascular system they represent the majority among the causes of mortality.
In Russia the growth of welfare of the population, expansion of a network of medical institutions, improve the quality of medical care was improving population health and reducing morbidity. Cm. Documentation of medical, Sanitary statistics.