Diseases of the blood system

Sports significantly affect all the organs and systems of the athlete. System of blood in this respect no exception, and a number of its performance in sports varies significantly. This happens not only under the effect of acute exercise, but as a result of systematic sports activities. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to stop the physiological changes of blood in athletes, as a number of indicators of the system of blood on the criteria that are used to not involved in sports, can lead to erroneous conclusions about the state of the blood system in athletes.

  • Physiological changes of the blood system at rest
  • Physiological changes of blood during exercise
  • Pathological changes of blood
  • Literature data and the results of our research show that the peripheral blood to a certain extent reflect the influence of sports training and a one-time physical activity on blood system. However, to reveal the full picture of the changes occurring in it it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study and other hematological parameters. In General, modern sports training is not only not have a negative effect on blood system, but on the contrary, stimulate blood formation. However, a considerable growth of loads in modern sport could lead to the undesirable consequences that occur with athletes at large, sometimes excessive, physical stress. Therefore, the possibility of development of pathological changes of blood in athletes must be known sports doctor.