Diseases of urogenital organs in girls

The peculiarities in the structure of the genitalia of girls aged from 3 to 7 years, when the epithelial cover the vagina and hymen dramatically thinned and easily vulnerable, and in the vagina prevails alkaline or neutral environment, create the most favorable conditions for the development of pyogenic bacteria and the resulting inflammation. Of diseases of the urinary organs in the preschool years over 90% is inflammation of the mucous membranes of the vagina (vaginitis) and its vestibule. Intensive redness around the vagina, pain during urination, itching of the genital organs - the first symptoms of their disease condition. Later than may appear purulent vaginal discharge and thickening of the skin around the anus and the region of large genital lips. The weakened children, the healing process is delayed, and the disease is hard, with frequent complications (defeat of internal genital organs, fusion of the labia minora and even the walls of the vagina).
If in the initial period vaginitis pain does not cause a serious concern, then a few years later, when you begin menstruation, often intense pain in the lower abdomen.
To develop vaginitis predispose also decreased overall reactivity of the child's body at this age, the tendency to serious diseases, among which the leading position occupied by children's infections (diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough, dysentery, measles, flu and other), worm infestation, tuberculosis. For example, in the children's gynaecological practice especially often diagnosed vaginitis during the flu epidemic. Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevention of children's infections. In this age period they represent the main danger for health and life of the child.
The cause of vaginitis can be an infection in the genital organs with the help of hands: from the mouth tolerated aureus, Streptococcus (the causative agent of scarlet fever, sore throat), from the rectum - coli, Shigella dysenteriae, fungi and other kinds of bacteria. Failure to comply with hand hygiene and entrenched the child habit to touch the sexual organs do not exclude the possibility of a purulent infections of the vagina.
Other causes of vaginitis can be Masturbation, foreign body in the vagina, worm infestation, especially pinworms and Ascaris. Pinworms, wyposa during sleep from anus, lay the testicles and cause severe itching in this area, as well as in the perineum and sexual folds. As a result of scratches appear swelling and redness, violates the integrity of the skin and mucous genitals, which penetrate through pathogenic microbes.
Helminthic invasion not only cause inflammation of the genital organs of a preschooler, but are related to the formation of pathological propensities of a sexual nature. Itching in the genital area and anus cause irritability, night terrors, restless sleep. Children are naughty, bad gain weight. Constant scratching the genitals hands may gradually acquire the Intrusive nature and develop into analiticheskie actions that afflict children of all ages. The vicious habit of Masturbation can be established to 3-4 years. For example, here is an extract from the case history (observation of the doctor of medical Sciences E. N. Turanboy).

Tanya V., 4 years, is aimed at in-patient treatment with complaints: itching and pain in the vulva, profuse discharge from the vagina. Last year, soon after the discovery of pinworms, suffers from Masturbation, from which parents can't wean. Toilet articles and a bed the girl individual. Daycare. Pale skin, under eye dark circles. Girl astensione, tearful, restless, sleep anxiety, frightening dreams. External genitals full-blooded, they are visible traces of scratches. From the vagina follow pus nature.

The doctors diagnosed inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina on the soil of helminthic invasion and Masturbation. Under the influence of antibiotics, antihelminthic treatment C combination with local treatment of genital organs and appointment of strengthening the nervous system funds allocation stopped, sleep recovered. However, to heal the girl from Masturbation has been more difficult. This was solved only after 4-5 months after persistent and patient perform the parents of a doctor's prescription. Before sleeping girl spent hygienic handling of the vulva, she slept in free soft pants. In the kindergarten and at home paid attention to the girl before falling asleep holding hands on the blanket, not luxuriated in bed.
Parents also must know that the uncontrolled use of antibiotics (penicillin, tetracycline, and others) without the knowledge of the doctor, on the advice of friends and acquaintances, can cause fungal damage mucous genitals.
What is the basis of the prevention of inflammatory diseases of genital organs in girls under school age?
As to the development of vaginitis predispose infectious diseases, and their resources are dust and dirt, the fight against them must be maintained constantly, consistently, by way of everyday hygiene of the body, clothes, underwear and premises.
The quest for purity must find reasonable combination with the gradual hardening of the body, which helps more easily and without complications to transfer a contagious disease. Parents should carefully monitor the cleanliness of the sexual parts of a child, their daily wash. The cleaning should be warm boiled water in the direction from front to back to prevent intestinal flora in the vagina. Bed, bed-linen, toilet articles (towel, handkerchief, tooth brush, sponge, sponge and other) must be clean. It is unacceptable that the child had a common subjects of a toilet and a bed.
If redness, itching, swelling of vulvar and vaginal necessary consultation pediatric gynecologist.
From common diseases is very important not to miss the girls signs of rickets, as this disease is often accompanied by the underdevelopment of the uterus and ovaries, a constriction or curvature of the pelvis and spine. If in the period of breast-feeding will develop signs of rickets, if untreated, they can cause painful menstruation and serious complications during childbirth.