How are diseases of musculoskeletal system

Man as a self-regulating multicomponent system is closely connected with the outside world. In this system each link synchronously reacts to external influence and often weakens or contragolpe vegetative it "locks", supports complex processes of life. But under the influence of unfavorable influences of the external world comes voltage control systems, they compensate due to the adaptive mechanisms of the load that must be overcome to ensure the normal functioning of the body, including the functional activity of the musculoskeletal system. However, the compensatory mechanisms are limits to substitution function. The depletion of these mechanisms lead to the development of various diseases, and first of all inflammatory and degenerative nature.
Is it possible to prevent the development of diseases of the locomotor organs? The answer, of course, can not be unequivocal, first, because in the development of these diseases great role is played not by local changes in a particular joint or joints, but a common violations of the relationship between the outer and inner world, in which the collapse adaptive and compensatory abilities of the body. Second, if currently, doctors are able to suppress the activity of acute inflammatory diseases of the bones and joints, nervous-muscle system, arterial and venous trunk vessels, chronic, recurrent course of these diseases to achieve a full recovery is possible not so often. A significant number of diseases of the locomotor organs leads to huge number of days of temporary disability and premature disability.
Still, if to delve deeply into the essence of the disease development, to understand its mechanism and timely use the measures of primary and secondary prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, the answer may be Yes. However, to achieve such results, the patient must not only understand the meaning of this disease, and accurately implement all recommendations of the doctor.
What is the essence of these processes? As they develop and what to do to prevent the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal and movements?
In didactic purposes briefly review the current views on the most important and most common inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of locomotor apparatus.
In childhood and adolescence often develop different origin inflammation of the joints and spine, and, on the contrary, in adulthood marked dystrophic diseases of large joints and intervertebral discs and joints. However, sometimes dystrophic process occurs in young people with defects of musculoskeletal system.
To avoid the severe consequences of this pathology is necessary to explore the pathogenesis of these diseases, to acquire knowledge of primary and secondary prevention, and to promptly seek medical care, and carefully take the advice of a doctor.