Diseases of the rectum

Tuberculosis. The infection enters the rectum hematogenous route. Possible direct transfer of infection with scratches and cracks in the rear of passage or transition from neighboring organs (ovaries, prostate). Tuberculosis rectum sometimes there fistula. Recognize TB rectum by biopsy and vaccinations allocations Guinea pigs. The General treatment is the same as pulmonary TB (streptomycin, ftivazide, tonic). Ulcers and fistulas excised or subjected electrocautery (locally on the wound - streptomycin in the form of powder).
Syphilis. Syphilitic proctitis very rare, relatively more common in women, usually localized on the skin of the anus as the primary deep ulcers with grey sebaceous bottom. In the secondary period anus is surrounded by papules and condylomas, in tertiary - detect in the back passage infiltrates, and deep in the intestinal wall single small and large gum. Specific treatment is effective in the first two stages, in the third often require surgery to eliminate stricture.
Fourth venereal disease (disease of Nikola - favr). The primary focus occurs on the back wall of the vagina or on the glans penis, after 2-3 weeks is developing the inguinal adenopathy, and then through the lymph system the process applied to the rectal wall, leading to thickening and sharp narrowing clearance. Diagnosis facilitates the reaction of Freya, which impose specific antigen intradermal. Treatment in the early cases: intravenous injections 2 times a week, increasing doses (1 to 10 ml of 1% solution of antimony (Tartarus stibiatus) or logoiskogo solution. When pronounced strictures surgery: resection of the affected Department or the imposition of unnatural anus.
Gonorrhea. Gonorrheal the proctitis are more common in women (allocation are recorded from the vagina). The process is localized mainly in anal and nizhneangarsky part of the intestine and is accompanied by itching, burning, pain in the rump, and the allocation of thick, yellowish or foul-smelling pus. Around the anus skin materials, there are erosion of the mucous membrane of the anus and many genital warts. The disease recognize using microscopy of scraping mucous membrane. Treatment - sulfa drugs, penicillin, locally - 5% solution of protargol, enema of potassium permanganate (1:5000).
The actinomycosis is manifested in the form of multiple infiltrations around the anus, which softened and opened multiple fistula. The process can spread to nearby tissue and organs of small pelvis, depleting the patient. It is therefore recommended earlier excision of the affected tissues.
Of the diseases of the rectum are of great importance hemorrhoids (see)fall out of the rectum (see), proktit (see), paraproctitis (see), cracks and fissures (see).
Parasites. Under intensive trichocephalosis (see) trichuris sometimes parasitize throughout the colon, including the rectum. Thin head end of their body they are embedded in the mucous membranes, causing proctitis. Pinworms are parasites in the lower part of small and upper part of the colon, but Mature females these helminthes descend into the rectum and out of the anus, causing itching. Sometimes pinworms the front end of his body embedded in the mucous membrane of the rectum, causing erosion occurrence, focal hyperemia, small hemorrhages (see Enterobiasis). In the blood vessels of the abdominal cavity, including in hemorrhoidal veins, the residents of many tropical countries often parasite Schistosoma. The eggs of these parasites are passing through the wall of thick guts in their clearance; this raises colitis and proctitis, on the mucous membrane of the rectum appear small ulcers, erosion, the places where eggs are yellow nodules (see Schistosomiasis).
In the rectum parasitize amoeba dysentery (Entamoeba histolytica) and the ciliate - balantidia (Balantidium coli), causing ulcero-necrotic process; in the long course of disease are formed polyps and stricture. When amebiasis (see) sometimes granuloma - ameboma simulating colorectal cancer. Diagnosis and treatment of these diseases - see separate article.