Retroperitoneal space

retroperitoneal space
Cross-section through the kidneys:
1 - ascending colon,
2 - the peritoneum;
3 - retroperitoneal fiber;
4 - kidney;
5 - the body of the vertebra;
6 - perinephral fiber;
7 - Ekologicheskaya fiber;
8 - the descending colon,
9 - the ureter;
10 - aorta;
11 - the lower hollow vein.

Retroperitoneal space is located between the parietal peritoneum the back of the abdominal wall and anterior surface of the vertebrae and the muscles at the back of the abdominal wall. It is filled with fatty tissue, which are retroperitoneal organs: kidneys, with the kidneys and ureters, large vessels (aorta, the lower hollow vein and others), lymph nodes, sympathetic ganglia. In the retroperitoneal space lies devoid of peritoneal the back surface of the duodenum, ascending and descending colon, pancreas. In the tissue retroperitoneal space emphasize perinephral and ekologicheskoy tissue (Fig.). Of diseases retroperitoneum the most common inflammatory - parametric (see) and psot (see). Tuberculosis vertebrae in the retroperitoneal space often down atechnique (see).
Neoplasms retroperitoneal space (retikulosarkoma, metastases seminomy) are recognized only when a detailed examination of the patient. Obvious symptoms can be signs of strangulation by a tumor of any authority - enlarged veins of the spermatic cord, leg edema, ascites (see); sometimes the tumor is probed through the anterior abdominal wall. The surgical treatment, the prognosis for malignant tumors bad; success is only possible through early intervention.