The delay of the placenta and its parts

Often times, the last long outstanding. How long can I expect spontaneous his selection?
If the bleeding is not, it can be expected within 1-2 hours; this period is set purely empirically and is based on the fact that in normal conditions placenta during this time usually is fully separated. According to Charles J., Mikeladze, the birth of the placenta during the first 40 minutes occurs in 95% of pregnant women.
According to the observations D. E. Morozovoi, the birth of placenta during the first hour occurs in 90% of cases.
When flowed normally childbirth stay of the placenta in the uterus over 2 hours and does not cause bad consequences. Therefore, if the placenta during 2 h failed and there is no compelling evidence remove it (bleeding), you should follow a wait-and-see tactics. However, it often happens that immediately after birth, the doctor or midwife begin prematurely to massage the uterus. These untimely, wrong manipulation frequently cause spasm of the uterus in the field of internal throat and fallopian corners, to disrupt the process of detachment and the infringement of the placenta. As a result of this applied later external methods of allocation of the last does not give any results.
Haste, and delayed attempts of removal of placenta lead to a breach of a normal course sequence period and often are the cause of more or less significant bleeding. Therefore, the best rule for the conduct of a series of period - waiting. If there is bleeding, you need to avoid any manipulation over the uterus, in the cavity which is placenta. In cases when for some reason the latter was delayed in the uterus and there was bleeding in excess of the allowable physiological loss, you must remove the afterbirth soon as possible.