Curable if stuttering

It is one of the most complex and valuable acquisitions of the person. It appears when the higher nervous system - the brain is fully developed. Speech development occurs gradually. With 3 months, the child begins to publish mimicking the sounds. In 5-6 months the baby is accustomed to merge separate sounds, syllables, and by the end, he says 5-10 words. In the second year of a child's vocabulary is increased up to 200-400 words. In the third year the children start to speak phrases, partially mastered the grammar of the language. They develop the ability basic skills to summarize, judgment.
In the period of language acquisition is necessary for the child to be treated especially carefully. It is necessary that the adults were talking with the child properly, without distorting words.
Form of speech disorders can be different: eloquence, nasalized speech, stuttering. I stopped at the last, as children suffering from stuttering, constitute the largest group among the children attending the Cabinet of neuropsychiatrist.
Stuttering first attributed to diseases that affect speech apparatus (tongue, larynx, vocal cords) and breathing. Now believe that stuttering is a General neurosis with primary disorder of speech.
Six-year-Valya that a mother leads to the reception with complaints of severe stuttering, sleep poorly. It is easily irritated and she cries; physically weakened, meals are sharply lowered. Since appeared stuttering, the girl stopped playing with their peers. She passive, withdrawn, are taciturn and closed. Her favorite pastime is listening, reading, and she had a good reads itself. Mother says about it: "Dolls its not interested at all, and books... sitting with his mouth open and listening to bed stays without reading." At night the girl seems to be near her bed appear black beast with green eyes, a wicked old witch, and she tells me about these horrors, much stuttering and turning pale.
Little Ilya, on the contrary, deviant, all the while walking down the office, a lot of tries to say, but it fails due to severe stuttering. He blushes, and his eyes tear up. "He is not on age clever boy,the mother says.- I am in his presence occasionally involved with the students on the history, so they literally amazed". After the examination I talk with the boy. Stammering, Ilya hardly responds to my questions. I question him about the toys, fairy tales, comrades, but he does not know fairy tales. "I know the scientific works of the classics," says me this child. And immediately begins difficult to enumerate the names of these books, are really hitting me. "He has amazing abilities!" - exclaims the mother. "Where's your right hand?" - I ask the grave. It would be a bit confused and raises his left hand. "How much do you fingers of your hand?" - ask again. "I think eight," replied the boy. Then we look at pictures, stacked blocks, consider how many legs does a horse, but when I ask him to say, how many feet from chicken, he explains: "it from one end of the two legs and the other two".
"Krasnaya Shapochka", "Kolobok" is already history, " said my father three-year-old Igor, " now we are studying India," and he asked me to give a drug that would help to improve the child's speech, ignoring the errors of their education.
Is it possible to bring the child? He still had not received a basic, necessary understanding of the surrounding, and its so haphazard, unwise downloaded remembering complex terms.
Stuttering arises more often at the age of 2-5 years; stuttering, which occurs in adults is usually a recurrence of stuttering, which took place in early childhood. The reasons that cause stuttering, divided into two groups: predisposing and immediate. To predisposing causes include inherent weakness recidivating apparatus, nervous parents, conflicts in the family, adverse prenatal period, heavy labor, and so on, But even with these causes stuttering occurs not always. The immediate reasons that cause stuttering are complicated grammar, fast paced speech, imitation, excessive workload children's speech during the formation of speech and prolonged mental trauma. The great value has a fright.
Sergei, who was 4 years old, started to stutter after watching the film "the Jungle", a three-year Kostya - once saw from the train window fire, the two-year Whether stuttering came two weeks after the mother hung over the bed the boy's father's belt, threatening that now for disobedience will be punished. Eight year-old Alla speech disturbance began a month after the mother got married for the second time. Staying in one room, the girl could not sleep, and the mother often found her crying in bed (before they slept together).
The causes of stuttering becomes clear if we remember everything that was said above. The cerebral cortex in children aged 2-5 years not sufficiently matured. The main nervous processes, weak, mobility and balance them insufficient. Professor, Etc., Simeon in the book "Neurosis at children, their prevention and treatment," he noted: "Among the stammering can find two substantially different groups of children. The first group includes children, characterized by lethargy, passivity, miloslavski, isolation, (what was observed in Vali), the second - children with pronounced mnogoluchevogo, mobility (type Ilya), vigorously on all reactive and often violate the discipline".
The child who began to stutter, you should immediately show neuropsychiatrist, and he will prescribe treatment. Children need unbeknownst to them when stuttering encircle and establish a special regime. In acute cases at the beginning of the disease is recommended bed rest. In no event it is impossible to Express his anxiety to tell when ill child about his suffering, as it can develop his lack of self-recovery, fear that he is seriously ill. The task of the adults is to give a sick baby cheerfulness, confidence that all will pass. You should try to keep the child as less as possible spoke to introduce a kind of silent mode. Depending on the age you must find him interesting occupation, not requiring talk: blocks, paint pictures, play with sand, etc. Young children better for the first time to protect from staff that they did not injure ridicule, older to be involved in a team, to create in their lives such interests (sport, music, work, clubs, public order, etc), which will cause a cerebral cortex new, more interesting pockets of excitation, which can stop this "sore point" (this is necessary because at stuttering in children the changing nature). Appear irritation, resentment, fear of his own speech, which further worsens the condition of the child. Simultaneously it is necessary to provide children with proper nutrition, sleep, rest, walks and, of course, to conduct medical treatment prescribed by a doctor. Very good. water treatment: 10-15-minute bath temperature 35-36 degrees. Improving the overall condition of the children, they help to normalize the sleep, reduce anxiety and worry. Great importance has persuasion and suggestion. With older children to talk, during which explain that this disease is reversible. We should not think that stuttering held itself: the earlier you start complex treatment, the sooner will come the recovery.
Is it possible to prevent stuttering? Yes, you can! From the first days of life carefully and take care of the health of children, in accordance with all terms of education, to monitor the development of speech in children: not to overload them with unnecessary knowledge, not to force them to learn long poems, not "Lisp", speaking with them. Do not allow children to watch television, listen to radio programmes intended for adults, it is impossible to intimidate and pamper children.
Correction of speech Psychoneurology engaged in cooperation with speech therapists. In speech therapy offices conduct with children special classes.