The hardening of the children

The article describes the procedure and stages of child hardening.

Hardening of children is the main prophylactic measure contributing to the upbringing of healthy children. Children are very sensitive to lack of fresh air. Being a long time in a poorly ventilated areas, they become lethargic, irritable. Disturbed sleep, lost appetite, headaches, podtachivaya, develops anemia. Newborn baby recommend first time to make a walk for 15-20 minutes at a temperature below-10 -15 degrees and in a wind-protected place. Walking gradually extend to the end of the month to 4.5 hours (for 1-1,5 hours 2-3 times a day). To the right of dermal respiration, good metabolism systematic contact of the skin with air. Infants receive air bath when diapering. It can last for 10-15 minutes at temperature not below 22-24 degrees. For children over the year, the temperature can be below. Air baths for children of preschool age in their complete nudity continue to 1.5 hours under condition of obligatory movement.
Good tempering by means are water procedures. Bathing children up to 6-8 months. every day, up to six years through the day, with half to 3 years 2 times per week, over - 1 once a week. For children of the first half of the temperature of the bath shall be 36-37°, from the second half of the year and older - 1 degree below. After the bath, it is useful to throw the body water temperature, 2-3 temperature lower. From the first year of life it is necessary to wash the face, neck, hands with cool water is not lower than 18 degrees. Washing waist start with 1.5-2 years at a water temperature of 36° with gradual reduction to room. Wash the legs with cool water is recommended for children from 2 years. Initial water temperature (28 degrees) decreases every 2 days to 1-2 degrees and brought to room. Wiping can start after 6 months when water temperature is 36° with a decrease in its every 5-7 days to 1 degree. For children the first year of life may be reduced to 30 degrees, for children 2-3 years to 25 preschool children up to 17-18 degrees. Pouring start when water temperature is not lower than 35 degrees and gradually reduce its children 2 years before 26th, 3 years - 24th, preschoolers - 20 degrees, students - 18 degrees. The duration of cold water or soul is not more than 1-2 minutes After water procedures recommended rubbing the towel before the red light skin. Bathing in the river, you can start with 2 years.

Parents should remember such a powerful factor of influence of the external environment on the body, as hardening that increases the body's resistance to various harmful influences of the environment.
Parents who harden their children, should be aware of these procedures. The first condition - tempering can be started only when the child is completely healthy. The best time for this is summer. But you can start hardening and at other times of the year. Remember that if you have started to harden child in winter or autumn, you must be gradual and cautious, to adhere to a system of procedures to conduct them continuously, day in, day, and so during the year. Made by any reason a break will lead to decrease of reactivity of child organism to unfavorable environmental conditions.
Best hardening to start with air baths. This will help increase the body's resistance to various fluctuations of temperature. A child gets used to the gradually cooling. Air baths can be held indoors as well as outdoors. Clearly, in the warm season it is better to hold them in the open air. From what age should start hardening? Answer: from the chest.
Start hardening of air baths better in a room with ambient temperature not below 22 degrees C. the duration of the procedure, 3-5 minutes for children from infants up to 2 years. Then after 3-4 days the temperature of the room can be reduced to 18-19 C, pre proveru the room. Duration of this procedure can be increased to 20-30 minutes.
Children after the age of 3 years can reduce the temperature of the air baths up to 12-13°N
With this type of hardening of the child it is necessary to expose the beginning to the waist, and in a week it is possible to undress completely.
During tempering is necessary to observe a mode of feeding. Nice to combine dry air baths, gymnastics and massage.
Good means of hardening are light and air baths. Infants can be treated in warm weather with temperature of air not below 22 degrees in the shade. These procedures should be done regularly, exposing the child gradually. When sunbathing head covered with a white handkerchief or Panamco. Better baths conduct lying, you are standing, sitting. It is important that occurred irradiation all parts of the body. Duration of this procedure for children of early age 2-3 minutes. Gradually it increases every 2-3 days for 2 minutes, for the older age - 4 minutes. The maximum time sunbathing for children under 2 years of age should not exceed 20-30 minutes, aged 4-7 years - 40 minutes for schoolchildren - 1.5 hours. When sunbathing need sometimes to hide in the shadows.
Positive effect on the child's body water procedures: bathing, pouring water and wet rubbing who are well to do after sunbathing.
Water procedures help child's organism is good to adapt to the environment, especially to cold. It is better to begin in the summer and lower the temperature of the water gradually. After water procedures should be actively RUB the skin to redness.
To bathing in the sea, river, lake permitted for children with 2-3 years when the water temperature is not below 23 C and air - 24-25°N for older children (4-7 years) you can swim at temperature 22 degrees C. When bathing small children first, you need only to dip them in the water (to make 3-4 quick dip)and in 3-4 week period bathing increase to 4-5 minutes. However, remember that excessive presence of children in the water reduces the reactivity of the organism.
Tempering is for children has even the fresh clean air of the room where they are. It needs frequent airing. Children aged 2 years or more, we recommend a walk in the fresh air for 4-5 hours in winter and all day in the summer.
Systematic hardening of the body's natural means leads to the normal functions of many of its systems.