Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide (Nitrogenium oxydulatum, N20) is a colorless gas with a characteristic smell and sweetish taste. Not flammable, but will support combustion. Mixture of ether, cyclopropane, the chloroethyl in certain concentrations of explosive. Used as a narcotic drug inhalation through the devices for gas narcosis, usually mixed with oxygen. When using a mixture of nitrous oxide with oxygen in the ratio of 4 : 1 is achieved only surface anaesthesia. Inhalation mixtures containing less than 20 - 25% oxygen, is unacceptable as causing oxygen starvation. Nitrous oxide combined with more active narcotic drugs (see), as well as with miorelaxanthami (see). Nitrous oxide is not irritating to the respiratory system, anaesthesia without expressed the stage of initiation. Revival lasts a few minutes. Produces nitrous oxide in steel cylinders.