In this book we brought some information about obesity and stressed that obesity occurs as a complex metabolic disorders in the result of overeating, insufficient physical activity and some other related factors. If you "wear" extra pounds long and consistently perform a program of weight loss after weight normalization of metabolic were liquidated, while the long-term obesity these violations are stabilized, and may cause serious complications. This is primarily diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clots in the brain and heart vessels, liver, stomach, and the formation of stones in a gall bladder,a violation sexually, depression. Moreover added diseases caused by overloading of the joints and the deterioration of the heart and lungs.
To get rid of obesity is not just because one diet, especially for those who have obesity long, not very effective. Moreover, in some hard modes adaptation to reduced diet, and the more of these people with advanced forms of obesity eat, the less you lose weight. This unpleasant situation could be corrected only systematic physical exercises, which should be a mandatory part unloading mode. Although it is easier to call the necessary energy deficit diet than exercise, you cannot forget that physical activity contributes to hormonal processes that make it possible to quickly burning fat and people, which the body got used to the diet.
In this book we brought a large number of exercises for children, adolescents and adults. The exercises were based on our many years of experience. The effectiveness of exercise tested experimentally.
The basic principles of exercise are the same for everyone - for children and for adults, although the nature of the exercises for the different age groups is different. For children, for example, in addition to losing weight, great importance is the development of skills of correct posture that at this age to instill much easier. In adults more attention is drawn to the intensity of exercise (strong movements, increased the tempo, more reps, use of sport equipment).
The mention of adaptation to the reduction of the diet should not cause the thought that extra weight is not to get rid of. We just wanted to explain why the weight loss and maintenance of weight require from one person more effort than from the other. If you have the desire and the will - always it is possible to reach the goal.
And finally some tips, primarily for parents:
do not overfeed children watch their weight from an early age;
love and care to children show that you play with them, run, swim, instead of cakes and chocolate buy them balls, rackets, skiing and so on;
keep the desire of a child to a slim figure and sport successes, limit its menu sweets, take every opportunity to exercise at home and on the street;
regularly exercise with your child.
And some advice for young people and adults:
do not stop unloading mode until you reset at least 80% of excess weight;
regular exercise, gradually increasing the load;
don't stay alone in its quest for physical activity, attach to the practice of family members, friends;
constantly stick to the prescribed discharge or at least a rational diet.