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Age-old dream of mankind about longevity has always been associated with conservation of labor activity. The extant examples of exceptional longevity ancestors concern glorious their business and many years of creative work of great people.
Modern society ensures a long life for the majority of the population. It is interested in the lengthening of the working life period, to ensure a healthy active ageing. Advanced socialist production requires a significant replenishment of labour and full use of labor potential of the population. On this way already encountered a number of problems. Features of scientific-technical progress and social development programme of the labour force in the USSR define a qualitative transformation of qualified staff workers. Significantly increase the number of persons with secondary and higher education, with a high level of professional education and skills, able to provide high effectiveness of the most complicated technological processes, machines and units. In the pension age, the aging specialist or a qualified worker cannot always switch to a job that does not require experience and knowledge, on primitive manual labour or services. Analysis of labor resources in the country reveals the presence of significant reserves that can be used in the course of scientific and technical re-equipment. We are talking about adaptation to contemporary forms of labour numerous detachment of workers older working age, on the prevention of premature ageing and preservation of the labor potential in the pension age.
Socio-demographic, hygienic and physiological research geragosian labour give a clear idea about the sources of insufficiency of using a labour potential and early termination of professional work on a number of modern production. In particular, in the monograph was able to show the nature of the dependence of an ageing workforce ageing of the total population and the employment of older workers in modern practice, the degree of their devices, and also features of the health of this population. The dependence of efficiency and productivity not only from age-related changes of psychophysiological functions of the working body, but also from a number of social-hygienic factors. It is established that with increasing age and professional skills of labour productivity is growing. However, in the pre-retirement period, it decreased at a different pace depending on the requirements of the profession. The corresponding regulation of the conditions of the pile, load, mode of work and rest are particularly important for this age group working. Consider the the monograph is evidence that with increasing age occur development and improvement of new qualities associated with work experience. The provision in the labour collective of the elderly increases the overall performance, promotes the development of creative activity of young people and the transfer of labour traditions of socialist construction. The quest for artificial regeneration groups - harmful trend, often leading to loss of social and economic nature.
Social policy of the Soviet state is a solid Foundation for socio-economic, sanitary, medical and organizational measures on normalization of working conditions, the use of modes of work and rest, the workload. As shown in the monograph, there is a real possibility to regulate these options work, to implement it according to the age of opportunities of workers. Moreover, it is important to keep this in mind in the future, when the ageing of the population will buy a large size, while the demand for labour will not decrease. Released in automation and mechanization of production of employees necessary for the implementation of ambitious plans on development of industrial potential of the North and East of the country. Thus, naturally, the main migrants are young people and have a question about the adaptation of production and of all spheres of the national economy to the opportunities of an aging workforce. All this points to the urgent need for the further development of scientific bases of Gerogian of labour and wide integration of all Sciences, associated with its optimization.