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The problem of "Man and nature" is studied in the entire history of the development of society, and this is natural, since the revelation of the biological and social nature of man and his connection with nature is connected with great difficulties. Social development of a person requires continuity of knowledge in conservation and enrichment of information from generation to generation, so that on this basis to deepen our knowledge. Accumulated biomedical experience and scientific knowledge are passed on to future generations by ensuring that every generation got certain oral or written information from the previous one. This allowed humanity gradually, from generation to generation to save and expand ideas about the nature of the therapeutic action of natural factors on the person and not just include this issue in the knowledge of these factors, but also to communicate between them. At this stage of development of our knowledge accumulated new clinical facts and the results of special studies, made with modern biomedical approach to consider the problem "Man and nature" and to plan ways of its further development.
In this book it is shown that human life is possible only if indispensable its relationship with the environment. In violation of this communication in any segment of the disease is developing, and the complete rupture of such communication death occurs. Nature contributes to the improvement of man, but in man himself an inherent desire to fulfill the purpose of life, to the perfection of this goal. In the words I. P. Pavlov, even there is a "reflex goal." True, the great physiologist said that there may be inconsistencies between the spent energy and the importance of the goal, bringing thereby to the idea that it is necessary to distinguish themselves acts aspirations" of the sense and value targets, continuing to complete the job.
P. K. Anokhin stressed that if the reflection of the goals of the action that is ahead of the execution of the action, is already reliable process routinely checked, and if, no matter how complex its mechanism, it certainly played on the material substrate of the brain, it should not remain doubts as objectively scientific approach to this phenomenon. Therefore, when drafting the modern characteristics of the complex processes that determine human activity, we wanted at least schematically to determine the place and importance in this activity management systems and support systems. This approach has detected a possible connection between the control systems of the organism vital activity and the impact of natural factors as the influence of these factors through the Central regulation mechanisms on the systems of life support. Natural factors may have a direct effect on the system of life support of the body and change its functional activity in the right to health direction. But for all these processes are very complicated, I need to figure out what is the functional relationship between management systems livelihoods and ensuring the functioning of the body.
Special studies have shown that under the influence of stress impacts arise protective-adaptive reactions of control systems aimed at easing tensions of the most important functional systems of the body in order to prevent their "Paloma", development of physiological measures of protection and prevention of the possibility of disease.
Thus, control systems "organize" with the help of additional mechanisms for the protection of human body, control systems and software contributes to overcoming the adverse reactions of the organism, the further development of which could lead to disruption of adaptation and the disease. When assessing functional relationship management systems and support the vital functions of the organism us shows what a complex transformation develop it as intertwined nervous and humoral processes, what hormones and biologically active substances included in the occurrence of inflammatory or degenerative diseases and what is the value of natural physical factors in the regulation and the restoration of its functions. Of course that focused view on these processes and the disclosure of the mechanism of development of various diseases, on the one hand, and the definition of the role of natural factors in the recovery of the disturbed functions and formation of physiological measures of protection of an organism, on the other - can serve as a basis for understanding the relationship between man and nature. This is not only informative, but also of great therapeutic value, as each patient receives the concept of the nature of their illness and finds out how he needs to do in order to implement the recommendations which it may be given by a doctor.