Conclusion (1 lesson)

To conclude the course of anatomy, physiology and hygiene of man is given the last lesson. The objective of the lesson is systematization of students ' knowledge, obtained in the process of forming the system of concepts of the course. The lesson is necessary to reveal the main features of the content of the following concepts: the human body, the historical development of man, the methods of science, protection of human health.
From a system of concepts of the course can be considered the concept of "personal development": It was formed in the last topic of the course.
This lesson is recommended to hear prepared reports of the students. Topics might be: "On some methods of studying the human body at the cellular and molecular level and the level of the whole organism"; "the human Body is a single whole. The main characteristics of a living organism"; "the State measures on health protection of citizens of our country"; "the Main evidence of animal origin of man. Its originality".